Monday, December 29, 2014

Live it up in Liverpool! December 29, 2014

Well... you know I am just having a blast! I don't have too much to say mostly because I am just getting so super tired of sending e-mails! haha. I forgot my camera today so sorry about no pictures..

Well this week our car broke down. We were driving and I made a right turn and it sputtered to a stop. haha! This is my 3rd car that has had a problem on my mission! I seriously cannot wait until I get to take bus's everywhere again. Or bikes.. 

Talked to a drunk man this week.. normal stuff. He kept trying to tell us something about a church and marriage and school. I don't know what he was saying.. but I was freezing and I shook his hand to leave and he wouldn't let go! haha. I was like "goodbye!" And he just kept talking really loudly in my face.. but I just calmly left him with our number and told him to call us if he needs any help. It's just a small thing but it's things like this that I encounter all the time! I have had a wide variety of experiences on my mission.. haha. So fun! 

Well my good people of the internet.. I really can't be bothered to type anymore this week! Sorry about my lack of desire to e-mail! Hopefully I'll have more desire to type more next week! haha

Elder Humpherys

Christmas Time is the Funnest Time December 22, 2014

I love Christmas! I get to spend it with so many people that I love!! :D 
  Sister Perrie, Me, and Nathalia :) Nathalia is investigating the church. She is wonderful. We will be going there for CHRISTMAS EVE!! :D
This is Elder McDonald, Me, SISTER SMITH, Elder Lee and Elder Grant and Elder Winton! Good times at the temple. Sister Smith was in Whitefield ward and she is just an amazing teacher and has a great mind for missionary work. She gave us some trainings :)

Rainy drive to the hospital :)

I think this is quite artistic. 

I know I am just sending pictures and it's a major cop-out for writing but we have a shorter p-day today and I have LOADS of stuff to do to prepare for Christmas. Love you all! 

Elder Humpherys

Liverpool Lads! December 15, 2014

Our miracle this week comes from the Christmas Truce! A member in Liverpool ward invited her friend to the Christmas Truce and we happened to sit right behind them. After the performance we asked her if we could share a Christmas message with her and her family! She accepted and we set up an appointment. We went over a few days later and it went really wonderful! The spirit was so strong in her home and after we showed the video they were so happy. Apparently the daughter used to go to church a lot when she was younger and she enjoyed it! So that was wonderful! We will be teaching them again tomorrow.. 

Basically at this Christmas time my whole heart and soul is devoted to offering service to everyone so I don't have much time to e-mail.. I do have one picture that I want to send this week! 

​ Me and My companion. Elder Sintim. He is my brother from South London! hah. He is tree which blossomed in England but his roots go back to Ghanna. I love this Elder ! We have soo much fun and we work well together! 

Now my computer is freaking out, so I gotta run..
but I love you all! 

Elder Humpherys

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Here We Go... Here We GO! LIVERPOOL!!! December 1, 2014

Well, I will just say this now and get it out.. I'm sure my family knows all ready buuut guess who's leaving Oldham? YUP, you guessed it. ME. :(

I am transferring to LIVERPOOL!! :D 

I am really excited. Many of you may  know, my whole family joined the church here in Oldham. I have walked the streets they walked now for 3 months. What a blessing it was to be literally in the land of my forefathers. Now, when they decided to emigrate to America do you know where they had to go?


 I am literally following the footsteps of my great x 3 grandfather. He traveled to the docks of Liverpool and there he waited for his boat to his new home. It's crazy. I am feeling a small portion of what he must've felt. I absolutely love Oldham. I love the people, I LOVE the members here, they are like family to me, and I just love every second I have to get to know the WHOLE stake for over a year!! Definitely one of the best experiences of my life so far.. Now, it's off to the unknown land of.. Liverpool. haha.


​Farewell to the Austins! :(

​Farewell to Chris (amazing recent convert!)

Farewell to Aaron and Isaac (such biblical names...haha). These two are some of my favorite. I look like a nerd with my study journal. haha. I was able to teach gospel principles, sing Come Unto Christ (whilst playing the piano!), lead the adults in singing a primary song (haha!) and create a 31 day study of Christmas for the ward! It was a great sunday! The sacrament meeting was really powerful as well! It was so uplifting!
​THE TEALS!! Wow.. I will miss them sooooo much. They seriously changed my life. I love this family!

Annd... that's all for now. My new companion is Elder Sintim! He's from London and he is SO GOOD! I trained a missionary from his group and I have always thought he was amazing ever since his first day in the mission so it'll be a great experience and I will learn so much from him!

Actually on the plane ride to England I sat next to a girl named Olivia. She was from Liverpool! Maybe I'll see her again! haha . That'd be craaazzyy!

Anyways.. over and out for now!!

#ihashtagbecauseican #iloveoldham #offtoliverpool


Dear Family and Friends!! 

I wanted to share this Christmas message with you! It is an amazing video that helps us discover, embrace and share the true meaning of Christmas!!

Please view the video and then find your own way to "share the gift.." ;) You are all wonderful people! Let's get this video seen by everyone!!

Elder Humpherys 

I will #sharethegift by inviting all to learn more about Jesus Christ -the first gift of Christmas


(if above link doesn't work try.. Thanks!

STOP. It's picture time. November 24, 2014

We took a lovely trip to the mission office (which we do.. on A LOT of occasions.. haha). We went to pick up ANOTHER brand new car.. apparantly our last one was too small.. so we are back to a MERIVA! Woo hoooo!

STOP. Office time. 
This is Sister Shaw. She is my favorite! I get to talk to her on the phone about referrals ALL the time. AND she makes delicious mint brownies. ;)

This is the drive to the mission office.. You can kind of see the mission office in the left hand side of the picture behind the trees.. it's hard to see but it's there. :) This is where all of the post that people sent me would go (if I ever got any letters!!!) hahah. 

here is a sign post.. just in case you were wondering what they look liked in England.. ;) 
Annnnnddd. I'll stop this e-mail and start a new one becaus I won't have enough space to send more pictures.. ;)

​#englandsunrise #bestdriveever ​

​ our new car!!! haha not!! But this car is a beast... WOW.

STOP.. Its singing time? 

This us and some of the Saints of Oldham! We had a Christmas Caroloeke!! :) (Kareoke) hahaI played the piano for it. This was organized by Brother Austin! We absolutely love the Austins!! They are rays of sunshine in the Oldham ward!!

(don't look at my receding hairline PLEASE) 

When on an exchange this week with the pacific islander - Elder MOOTE. He is one amazing missionary. (yes, I made the mess on his plate for lunch and it tasted delicious) I also was with... 

ELDER KONYANA.. The South Africa. This man will be an area president one day. He has so much wisdom.. I look up to him a lot.

Anyways.. we had a great week working and helping people! Wonderful wonderful things. I love life. I just think that EVERYDAY is a gift from Heavenly Father. The best gift of Christmas is the FIRST gift of Christmas. The Saviour, even Jesus Christ. 

Elder Humpherys

Hiya! From Elder Humpherys....MY WHOLE HOUSE IS GREAT. November 17, 2014

Well, This week.. has gone by so fast! We had a lot of great experiences.

A few weeks ago we knocked on this man's door and he was really nice! But he wasn't too interested as when we left he told us he felt like he was cheating on his God even talking with us at his door.. haha. So we left him with a Book of Mormon and invited him to just read it.. Well we checked up with him this week and he had actually read a lot of the Book of Mormon and had loads of questions. So he asked us if we had any time and invited us into his home. He told us the only reason he spoke with us at the door and that he was inviting us in was because moments before we knocked on his door he was praying for help because his faith was being shaken! Wow. So we are going back next Saturday to see him! Hopefully things go well. If anything I hope build his faith in Jesus Christ and help him and his wife know that God loves them! 

I had an exchange with Elder Klaver where we picked up our brand new... car.. it's... greeatt... haha. I miss the meriva's though :( 

I am doing well. I love England. I love life. I am just a happy person. I love being a missionary. I love other missionaries. I love the people in England. I love God. I love Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon.. MY WHOLE HOUSE IS GREAT.  Haha. Life is good. 

I love you all! 


​I went on an exchange with Elder Klaver this week.. Do I look tired, or do I look tired? haha. 
This was the only picture I took this week! LOVE YOU ALL! 

Elder Humpherys

​We stood on a wall and preached the gospel... ;) November 10, 2014

We had LOADS of meetings this week and I had a few important e-mails to send off today.
So I have a few pictures to send! 

​This is our Priesthood Breakfast!! IT was DELICIOUS

​The 3 head chef's hard at work!! 

​We stood on a wall and preached the gospel... ;) 

All -in - all life is gooood. I am happy, healthy, tired, and warm! Keep up the faith my friends and be happy! Happiness is a choice and a consequence of doing good. 

Elder Humpherys

November 3, 2014


Wow. This week was soooo fun. I cannot believe a year ago I was in Whitefield ward having a great halloween party. Wow so many memories! It's crazy how time flies. We had our interviews with the mission president this week and I just think President Ulrich is wonderful! I am so grateful that he is my mission president. I have learned a lot from him and his wife. 

This week we had tea at the Caffrey's and I mentioned how I played violin and so they pulled out this violin from their closet and let me borrow it! Wow. It has been so great. But, I don't think it's been tuned for a while because... the string broke when we tuned it. haha. But it's okay! They'll get new strings and it'll come back better then before.. :P
Don't you think this pumpkin looks like me? I sure do. IT's great to have! I didn't carve it but Elder Faupula did and it was great to have. We had a fun halloween party with trunk or treat, music, jacket-potatos and loads of family fun! We just had a blast and it was great to feel the wonderful Spirit that comes when members come together. We also had a few nonmembers which was wonderful to welcome to our fun get-to-gether! 

This is Aaron. He is such an amazing kid! He's so funny. His family is wonderful as well!



The whole hole digging squadrent. We rock and we totally destroyed this thing at our digging party! haha. It was funnnn! 

Other than that things are going well! I love life and I love my mission. What more could I ask for? I am safe and sound. I am so blessed to be here in this beautiful country serving among these wonderful people.

Elder Humpherys 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Next 24 hours is going to be the best day of my life October 27, 2014

Today has been the best P-day of my mission! We have been having loads of fun. It's been such a miracle serving here in good old oldham!! We had a meeting with our bishop yesterday and he gave us a list of names of recent converts and returning less active members he wants us to re-teach and a list of endowed less active members. It was a powerful meeting and I am excited to go out and see miracles from his faith.

To choose a zone baptismal goal we're having each bishop in the stake pray for a goal for their ward. Elder Rasmussen and I felt very strongly that this needed to be the way the goal was chosen because of our last stake meeting. I am really excited to see what happens!!

So we had something funny.. our car broke down so we had to leave it at the garage!! (This is a picture I took. I don't really know 100% what this statue is for but I liked it so I got a picture..) And walk to our next appointment. Which was fine. It was in the same area.. but then we got to travel to the mission home to pick up our NEW CAR.. (haha.. we got to drive the mission presidents wifes car!! haha)

​ This is me driving.. it.. ;) hehhehe.. Now we have this.. unattractive blue car.. I sure hope we just get our old car back soon!! hahah. SO that's been fun.

We had a miracle. An appointment fell through and we were walking back to our car as this lady crossed the street to meet us! She told us she has been less active since she was 16 (she is now around 37). She wants to raise her 3 kids in the gospel and also her partner wants to be taught! It was amazing. We have seen them 3 times now and they are making great progress. Oh how I pray that they will be able to surround themselves within the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's all I want for them! They are an absolute wonderful family. I love them and I know God loves them so much!!

SURPRISE! Back to Barburrito. mmmmmm... :) Elder Rasmussen loved it. 

This zone is amazing. Miracles. Everyday. Elder Nilsson is spectacular (he's my new district leader)! I am so happy he is in this ward! The sisters in Oldham are great. Sister Tholin(brand new out of the MTC) is just such kind person and we have Sister Dushku who is BACK in Oldham after being gone for almost a year! I know the ward is just going to love them! They will see miracles. WE will do the impossible!! We will live for God! I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. Life is just absolutely wonderful.

Elder Humpherys

​#welcometoldham #ilovethisbeautifulcountry #homefromhome #thegrassreallyisgreener #isthiswhatloveis 

Simply Sweet Serendipity- October 20, 2014

These are two of the most influential men in my whole entire life. I feel so blessed to have had time to snap this picture. I will never forget my two beloved mission presidents. They taught me about love, patience, kindness.. they have given me a strenthened desire to learn the gospel.. they and their wives have been like my mom and dad while i've been away from home. They take such good care of us (their 220 "children") haha. I hope to be like them one day. Strong priesthood men who love their God. Who serve others with every ounce of strength they have, who have strong families.. I just adore them. 

We had a chance to be a part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the chapel here in Ashton stake. Wow. I can't believe how much the people here had to do to just get a chapel built. They built most of these chapels themselves! I was able to sing "come thou fount" with a few other missionaries. It went well! 

I was able to go on exchange to whitefield! I got to see the branch family, the hughes, and Sister Smith! so many families that I loved when I served there! We had miralces! I was also able to go back to middleton which was fun! Good things. Good people. I love this life.
  #Happylife #hastenthework #grantuntomesuccess #mightyprayeristhekey

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My life has been full of miracles.. Elder Humpherys (a little family history here) October 13, 2014

Wow. SO this week was amazing. I went on an exchange with the assistants, with Rochdale, and went to Wales, found some amazing people, and just overall had a great week.

I was planning the on Wednesday night and just really praying to know where to go. As I prayerfully studied the map I felt prompted to go to Greenacres.. then I found Broadbent Road! Now, for those who don't all ready know - my great x 3 granddad was born in Greenacres and his wife's maiden name was Broadbent! haha  Anyways, first person we talk to on the road ended up being interested and had  a Norwegian Ridgeback! FLIP.  It's a dog that hunts lions in South Africa. Woah. He actually new some Nields as well! So the power of prayer is real and so is the Spirit. 

Then I went to Wales for a baptism! 
My Brother Kris made the step. He is amazing. We know that we're going to be friends forever. He is such a spiritual giant! I wish you could all meet him. 

Look at that beautiful family. Wow. They are just amazing. The next Kris spoke at the missionary fireside which I was stunned! He was so nervous but you couldn't even tell! He got up and shared how he new the church was true and how his only hope in life now is to get sealed in the temple to Lou. His future wife! AMAZING. The best thing ever. This gospel is truly amazing. 

Love you all so much. 
Elder Humpherys

Be of good cheer.. the future is as bright as your faith. 

Hope on.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn. Cold. October 6, 2014


Ah, so nice to be with one of my best friends! I love Elder Cueva. He is amazing.

This week was full of meetings. We had district meeting, mission leadership council (which is like.. 7.5 hours long!!), then district leaders council, then 4 sessions of general conference. I am physically and spiritually exhausted!! So not much to report on this week.

We had an appointment fall through and so we started tracting the neighborhood and we found a man named SUNNY! (2nd door we knocked on..) Which is a great name for this time of year. haha. He let us in and had  his bible on his table! He has so much knowledge! One of the challenges of teaching the restoration to someone with a firm faith is it's difficult to show them how we aren't trying to destroy what they all ready believe but show them how much is missing! People don't have the Book of Mormon as a reference and it can be hard sometimes for them to understand and embrace new scripture (all though it's not "new" it's REALLY old.. but it's new to them). So I hope he knows how much we just want him to find the truth for himself and that we're do not come to destroy his current beliefs.. just to add to the faith he has all ready gained! 

We, as a mission, are having a 31 day study of the atonement. I love it! We just started today and wow! it is AMAZING! It is wonderful. I can't wait to share more with all of you about my studies.

I love you all.. wish I had more to say but time runs short. 

Preach the gospel. 

Elder Humpherys

Monday, September 29, 2014

Okay Story Time.. Elder Humpherys Sept 28, 2014

Once upon a time.. Elder Humpherys was a missionary. He woke up on a P-day morning and was able to go to one of the most beautiful places in the world... almost as beautiful as Wales.. It's called Dovestone. 

He was able to take some beautiful pictures and had a wonderful time.. Anyways.. that evening he went for a lovely meal at the Chadwicks home where they talked about the magic of family history and how the Spirit can really touch peoples heart and it can lead them to investigate the restored gospel. It was a wonderful lesson.. even though there was a gigantic spider that disrupted it.. After that him and his partner in crime, Elder Rasmussen, went and did some service for a wonderful lady named Tina. She always makes them delicious cheese sandwiches with picalilli on top! They are going back to teach her next week. 

Then they had a wonderful lesson with the Fenny Family. They talked about God and how he is real and he is our Father in Heaven! We can know God is there through prayer and study of the scriptures. Don't ever give up on God, because he will never forget you. 

and that was just Monday.... 

On Tuesday they did a service project for the Price family but.. it wasn't really possible to do anything just yet because of all the work that needs to be done.. so we left them (after helping them start their family tree on They they traveled in their shiny silver car to teach Julianna. An amazing woman from Brazil who has a lot of faith! They had a great lesson and after they shared the first vision she told the missionaries that she had a very similar dream to what they 
shared! MIRACLE.

Then they bought a beautiful new Sat Nav for their shiny silver car.. :) heehehe. 

Doesn't Elder Humpherys looks so happy with 2 of his best friends Elder Kunzler and Macmeikan? 

On Wednesday the two Elders traveled to CHORELY where they gave a training to half the mission on something called pamphlet power. It's amazing how powerful that pamphlets can be. They need to be utilized much more in our efforts.. 

CHALLENGE: This week give one of your friends that doesn't know much about the church one of the missionary pamphlets.. 

Then he went on an exchange with Elder Kelly and went back to MIDDLETON. It was fun. He got to serve with an Elder from his group and be back in good 'ol middlewhat? Middleton. 

Okay.. I can't do this third person thing anymore.

On Thursday I made dinner for the bishops family! haha.. Well E. Rasmussen and I made it. IT ACTUALLY TASTED GOOD PEOPLE. It was nice. Friday was super crazy... and we taught a lot...Then Saturday was REALLY crazy.. we did a crazy service project. It was.. interesting to put it nicely :) 

Me and Elder Johnson at the sports day! He's great. They had a rough week this week.. both him and his companion got a bit sick. :( 

​This is one of the greatest families I'm teaching.. unfortunately only 2 of them would pose for a picture! haha. But they are really sincere in asking about the Book of Mormon and whether or not it's true. 

Well.. there is my story for this week.. and he lived happily ever after..
to be continued..
Love you! 
Elder Humpherys