Tuesday, December 2, 2014

STOP. It's picture time. November 24, 2014

We took a lovely trip to the mission office (which we do.. on A LOT of occasions.. haha). We went to pick up ANOTHER brand new car.. apparantly our last one was too small.. so we are back to a MERIVA! Woo hoooo!

STOP. Office time. 
This is Sister Shaw. She is my favorite! I get to talk to her on the phone about referrals ALL the time. AND she makes delicious mint brownies. ;)

This is the drive to the mission office.. You can kind of see the mission office in the left hand side of the picture behind the trees.. it's hard to see but it's there. :) This is where all of the post that people sent me would go (if I ever got any letters!!!) hahah. 

here is a sign post.. just in case you were wondering what they look liked in England.. ;) 
Annnnnddd. I'll stop this e-mail and start a new one becaus I won't have enough space to send more pictures.. ;)

​#englandsunrise #bestdriveever ​

​ our new car!!! haha not!! But this car is a beast... WOW.

STOP.. Its singing time? 

This us and some of the Saints of Oldham! We had a Christmas Caroloeke!! :) (Kareoke) hahaI played the piano for it. This was organized by Brother Austin! We absolutely love the Austins!! They are rays of sunshine in the Oldham ward!!

(don't look at my receding hairline PLEASE) 

When on an exchange this week with the pacific islander - Elder MOOTE. He is one amazing missionary. (yes, I made the mess on his plate for lunch and it tasted delicious) I also was with... 

ELDER KONYANA.. The South Africa. This man will be an area president one day. He has so much wisdom.. I look up to him a lot.

Anyways.. we had a great week working and helping people! Wonderful wonderful things. I love life. I just think that EVERYDAY is a gift from Heavenly Father. The best gift of Christmas is the FIRST gift of Christmas. The Saviour, even Jesus Christ. 

Elder Humpherys

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