Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Time is the Funnest Time December 22, 2014

I love Christmas! I get to spend it with so many people that I love!! :D 
  Sister Perrie, Me, and Nathalia :) Nathalia is investigating the church. She is wonderful. We will be going there for CHRISTMAS EVE!! :D
This is Elder McDonald, Me, SISTER SMITH, Elder Lee and Elder Grant and Elder Winton! Good times at the temple. Sister Smith was in Whitefield ward and she is just an amazing teacher and has a great mind for missionary work. She gave us some trainings :)

Rainy drive to the hospital :)

I think this is quite artistic. 

I know I am just sending pictures and it's a major cop-out for writing but we have a shorter p-day today and I have LOADS of stuff to do to prepare for Christmas. Love you all! 

Elder Humpherys

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