Monday, September 29, 2014

Okay Story Time.. Elder Humpherys Sept 28, 2014

Once upon a time.. Elder Humpherys was a missionary. He woke up on a P-day morning and was able to go to one of the most beautiful places in the world... almost as beautiful as Wales.. It's called Dovestone. 

He was able to take some beautiful pictures and had a wonderful time.. Anyways.. that evening he went for a lovely meal at the Chadwicks home where they talked about the magic of family history and how the Spirit can really touch peoples heart and it can lead them to investigate the restored gospel. It was a wonderful lesson.. even though there was a gigantic spider that disrupted it.. After that him and his partner in crime, Elder Rasmussen, went and did some service for a wonderful lady named Tina. She always makes them delicious cheese sandwiches with picalilli on top! They are going back to teach her next week. 

Then they had a wonderful lesson with the Fenny Family. They talked about God and how he is real and he is our Father in Heaven! We can know God is there through prayer and study of the scriptures. Don't ever give up on God, because he will never forget you. 

and that was just Monday.... 

On Tuesday they did a service project for the Price family but.. it wasn't really possible to do anything just yet because of all the work that needs to be done.. so we left them (after helping them start their family tree on They they traveled in their shiny silver car to teach Julianna. An amazing woman from Brazil who has a lot of faith! They had a great lesson and after they shared the first vision she told the missionaries that she had a very similar dream to what they 
shared! MIRACLE.

Then they bought a beautiful new Sat Nav for their shiny silver car.. :) heehehe. 

Doesn't Elder Humpherys looks so happy with 2 of his best friends Elder Kunzler and Macmeikan? 

On Wednesday the two Elders traveled to CHORELY where they gave a training to half the mission on something called pamphlet power. It's amazing how powerful that pamphlets can be. They need to be utilized much more in our efforts.. 

CHALLENGE: This week give one of your friends that doesn't know much about the church one of the missionary pamphlets.. 

Then he went on an exchange with Elder Kelly and went back to MIDDLETON. It was fun. He got to serve with an Elder from his group and be back in good 'ol middlewhat? Middleton. 

Okay.. I can't do this third person thing anymore.

On Thursday I made dinner for the bishops family! haha.. Well E. Rasmussen and I made it. IT ACTUALLY TASTED GOOD PEOPLE. It was nice. Friday was super crazy... and we taught a lot...Then Saturday was REALLY crazy.. we did a crazy service project. It was.. interesting to put it nicely :) 

Me and Elder Johnson at the sports day! He's great. They had a rough week this week.. both him and his companion got a bit sick. :( 

​This is one of the greatest families I'm teaching.. unfortunately only 2 of them would pose for a picture! haha. But they are really sincere in asking about the Book of Mormon and whether or not it's true. 

Well.. there is my story for this week.. and he lived happily ever after..
to be continued..
Love you! 
Elder Humpherys

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