Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn. Cold. October 6, 2014


Ah, so nice to be with one of my best friends! I love Elder Cueva. He is amazing.

This week was full of meetings. We had district meeting, mission leadership council (which is like.. 7.5 hours long!!), then district leaders council, then 4 sessions of general conference. I am physically and spiritually exhausted!! So not much to report on this week.

We had an appointment fall through and so we started tracting the neighborhood and we found a man named SUNNY! (2nd door we knocked on..) Which is a great name for this time of year. haha. He let us in and had  his bible on his table! He has so much knowledge! One of the challenges of teaching the restoration to someone with a firm faith is it's difficult to show them how we aren't trying to destroy what they all ready believe but show them how much is missing! People don't have the Book of Mormon as a reference and it can be hard sometimes for them to understand and embrace new scripture (all though it's not "new" it's REALLY old.. but it's new to them). So I hope he knows how much we just want him to find the truth for himself and that we're do not come to destroy his current beliefs.. just to add to the faith he has all ready gained! 

We, as a mission, are having a 31 day study of the atonement. I love it! We just started today and wow! it is AMAZING! It is wonderful. I can't wait to share more with all of you about my studies.

I love you all.. wish I had more to say but time runs short. 

Preach the gospel. 

Elder Humpherys

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