Monday, December 29, 2014

Liverpool Lads! December 15, 2014

Our miracle this week comes from the Christmas Truce! A member in Liverpool ward invited her friend to the Christmas Truce and we happened to sit right behind them. After the performance we asked her if we could share a Christmas message with her and her family! She accepted and we set up an appointment. We went over a few days later and it went really wonderful! The spirit was so strong in her home and after we showed the video they were so happy. Apparently the daughter used to go to church a lot when she was younger and she enjoyed it! So that was wonderful! We will be teaching them again tomorrow.. 

Basically at this Christmas time my whole heart and soul is devoted to offering service to everyone so I don't have much time to e-mail.. I do have one picture that I want to send this week! 

​ Me and My companion. Elder Sintim. He is my brother from South London! hah. He is tree which blossomed in England but his roots go back to Ghanna. I love this Elder ! We have soo much fun and we work well together! 

Now my computer is freaking out, so I gotta run..
but I love you all! 

Elder Humpherys

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