Monday, January 26, 2015

The Week of Champions! January 26, 2015


So, we are having sooo much fun!!! 
These are the Lenehans!! They are so amazing. We have been teaching them and answering their questions about the church and stuff. We will be giving them a church tour on tuesday! I am so excited. :) They are so fun. The girl next to me is like sabrina's twin!!! You can't tell in this picture but they are like IDENTICAL.

​This is what the inside of our car looks like!!! Crazy steering wheel on the other side! I know right??? 

This is a picture from transfer day. :) Two old missionaries who have now gone home. Elder Queresma (pronounced CHARISMA) and Elder De Ligne (DA LEEN) They are from England and Belgium. 

We have talked to so many people this week. I am soooo tired haha. Elder Greenhalgh and I stay up talking all time.. haha. Pillow talk is the best. But we have found a family that is soo kind. Then we have had some great tea appointments this week... I just love food so much more now that I am on this diet! haha.. It's crazy. When I started the transfer I was 18.5 stone now I am 17.9!! WOAH. That is like 9 lbs.. hahah. I think it was an accident! But I feel like I have more energy... 

This is where I go to church.. sorry I didn't pick the program up on the floor :P 

Well.. love you loads!! 

Bittersweet Elder Humpherys in Liverpool Janurary 12, 2015

Well.. as transfers comes around the bend so does another farewell.. Goodbye Elder Sintim. He is one of the best companions I have ever had and I just feel soo lucky to have gotten to serve with him. He is wonderful and powerful missionary! I will miss him so much. We taught well together (I feel like I am writing and obituary) we had fun, and I we just were best friends. So a give a shout out to him!

My new companion is ELDER GREENHALGH! He is amazing. I am sooooo lucky to serve with him. He is a really good missionary and I thought I would never get to serve with him. He goes home this transfer.. I have never served with missionary going home before.. so this should be interesting!! 

The griffiths!! A wonderful family!! They are soooo amazing.. (sorry my shirt came untucked in the front. I was reallllyy full of delicious food..) 

​ This is at a Chinese buffet with the Parries. WOW! I looovvee this family as well. Jade is anxiously awaiting a mission call!! :)

​Christmas in Liverpool!! IT SNOOWWEEDD!! :D 

Me and my super hero Christmas stuff :) love it!! 

I am just so happy to be serving a mission and to be in Liverpool. I am really grateful for the person that this mission has help me become! Thank you God for helping me to be so happy!! 

Well.. I am starving and have to run! LOVE YOU ALL! 

Elder Humpherys