Monday, July 21, 2014

This mission is ulRICH with blessings ;)

President and Sister Ulrich are absolutely stunning! I love them so much. I am happy to be a missionary under their inspired leadership. They are so powerful and instantly made us feel like part of their family! I love them. I definitely miss President and Sister Preston but I know that these two are exactly what the mission needs. 

BIG NEWS: The iPads are coming - The iPads are coming! We are only a few short months from going online! Be prepared for some exciting things coming up! 

Anyways. I hope you know how much I love missionary work. I have had priceless opportunities since I have been here. I wouldn't change ONE SECOND of this for anything in the whole world. I love God and His children so much. 


Elder Humpherys 
This is Elder Kreepy

I am a nerd.

This is how Elder Cueva and I do companionship inventory

Monday, July 7, 2014

When one seeks gold!!!

Sooo. This week. Talk about AMAZING. There were so many blessings from Heavenly Father. I can't believe it's all ready Monday.. and that it is July.. and that I have been out for over a year now.. WHERE DOES THE TIME FLY? 
Oh goodness. So this week. What to say.. what to say? 

We tried by a less active.. Unfortunately we couldn't meet with her because there was no man in the house. But, we set up a time to meet with her with a member who doesn't live too far away from her. We were then walking to our next appointment when I saw a man sitting down. I heard a voice in my head say "Elder Humpherys, I put him there. Speak to him." I knew this was a prompting from Heavenly Father. I went up to the man and said hello and he recognized us as missionaries. He met missionaries 1 year ago and they prayed with him and gave him a Book of Mormon but then they never returned. Anyways, we went into his home (he was DEFINITELY a hoarder..) and he showed us the place where he keeps his Book of Mormon. He said he reads it every time he feels discouraged. It was a miracle! Out of all the things he had in that house he kept the Book of Mormon on his chair and reads it! 

I love Anglesey. I love my companion. I love the gospel. My whole house is great!!! I can do anything good.. ya ya ya.. :) 

Anyways.. So, I love this country, I love these people and I LOVE being a missionary. Ever wonder what the secret to happy life is? It is found in the living the gospel of Jesus Christ and then SHARING that gospel with others :) Sharing is caring. 

I love you all so much.
Elder Humpherys 

I love this!!

Elder Yates and I. He is AMAZING

Me and some more of misison friends.. 
"oh I hope.. I hope this never ends.. cuz we're the best of friends"

I meant to take a better picture but then my camera died... so this all you get. haha.
Driving on the wrong side of the road!!  Hahaha!

BLASTED with miracles falling from heaven! (June 30th)

So.. I have only been here in Wales about 1.5 weeks and I have just been BLASTED with miracles falling from Heaven!

We have an investigator named Laura who has been learning about the church for a long time.. anyways we were doing some tracting on Saturday during our 4-hour-finding and I felt prompted to try by a less active members house. So, we get to her street and decide to tract the street and the 3rd door we knocked on was LAURA'S DAUGHTER. So, we got to know her a bit and she said she would pray this week and ask God if she should listen to the lessons. It was so amazing. I just couldn't believe it.

We just went to Cafe Nero to teach a young man spanish and I met a girl while I was standing in line. She said she played guitar and we just jammed on the street. She has a youtube channel and it was way fun! Then we invited her to church and it was all super chill!

 I love being a missionary. My whole heart and soul is ingrained into this work. I am not perfect. Sometimes I make mistakes. But, I will always strive to be my best self and to do my best work! This is just such a wonderful feeling and I love being a missionary.

Well, that's all for this week!

Read Ether 12:27 and Mosiah 3:19 and ask yourself "what can I do to be a better person?"


Elder Humpherys