Monday, June 23, 2014

Rwy'n gobeithio y gallaf gael car yn fuan!

Deeeeeeaaar Everyone,

Wow. So this place is wonderful!! I live in a small village called Y Velinheli. I love it. I hope to see many miracles in this beautiful country. 

We had a baptism on Saturday. It was nice. I didn't really know the young man being baptized.. but it was still good! I sang at it and then the Bishop and one of his counselor's invited me to sing with them in sacrament meeting. It was wonderful! The Welsh people really do have amazing voices! (The Bishop is from Canada.. he's got a great voice! But the congregation and primary was also very amazing!) 

We started teaching a girl named Amber! She is so smart and she's read the whole Book of Mormon (Children's edition). She knows all the stories! She has a strong testimony. Her brother was just baptized.
So.. if you haven't all ready put the title into Google translate I will tell it to you now: 


Unfortunately one of the Elder's before me crashed the car the day before I got here. It's soo hard to get around but I have found that we have met so many people that we would not have met if we would've had a car! So, I guess it's all in the Lord's hands.. but I hope I can get in it soon so we can get things moving.

New Address:  
Elder Matthew Humpherys
63 Ffordd Garnedd
Y Felinheli
LL56 4QY

Caernarfon Castle. Wow. We know some people that LITERALLY live just down the street from here! What an amazing place to live

okay. This girl. Anna. She is from Rexburg. She is rooming with my cousin! SHOUT OUT TO ABBEY! ;) I can't believe my first Sunday here and the day there family was visiting just happened to be the same day... crazy.

My crazy companion. haha he's great!
Living Quarters in Wales!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hwyl fawr Middleton, Helo Gaerwen!!! (I am headed to a new country!)

So, wow. I am being transferred to the beautiful land of GAERWEN, WALES! My new companion is named Elder Queva. He was born in Ecuador but grew up in Italy and he is amazing!! I am soo excited.

I am sad to be leaving Middleton and a bit nervous for the future. I am soo comfortable here.. but that is the problem.. haha. I am very happy 

Good news!! I have passed my UK Driving test!! I now get to drive a car! I am excited but also nervous.. I hope that even though I am in a car I still find ways to exercise. I don't want to gain any weight!! hahah. The driving test wasn't too bad and I had an amazing examiner! He was so nice. I had a great instructor as well. Watch out UK... Elder Humpherys is on his way!! 

In other news, we have an investigator that is on her way to baptism. She picked 12 July 2014 to be baptized!! I am so excited for her and I just can't wait to see where this pathway takes her. She has 2 daughters that are so precious and cute!! I love their little family so much. 

Well, I love you all! I hope you know that. Oh ya, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the best Dad in the world! 
(A little info from Brother Nolan:  Elder H goes to another country !!! Wales! Still in the UK. A bit like going from USA to Canada.  He goes to Gaerwen Ward (pronounced as in rare-win) on the island of Anglesey, in the Chester Zone (an old Roman city with the remains of the wall intact around it) This is an entirely different area for him, quite remote.............and guess what?........ he gets a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Good job he passed his test ! He will also encounter the Welsh language......and English. Wales is an ancient land full of history, castles, mountains, valleys, lakes.)
passed my driving test!!

a few people from my mission group!! Now we are on our 10th transfer!! Ohh yaa!

my foot after a service project. I got dirty..

Tahitian Shells.

Lorenzo and I!

Me in the rain. Norm.
FROG.. Vanessa? Pine Basin anyone?

Starting the hedgetrim

Companion for the day...........on splits. A Brit.

Tidying a tree

Meal Break!

What a week! What a life! I feel, Let's See.. (June 2 2014)

Sooooo goood.

I loved this week. We had so many great things happen. 

First I just want to tell everyone that I love music. We had the opportunity to take one of our investigators to the performance "Lamb of God" in Manchester. WOW. It was so good. You can find the music on Spotify if you search for it. I absolutely loved it. 

You know what. Missions are so weird.. It's so hard for me to express my thoughts and feelings that I have into words. This is the HARDEST thing I have ever done in my life. In every aspect. I have been literally pushed to my limits. Sometimes it's almost to the point that I've gone dizzy! To an outsider's perspective the question may be asked "Why then, do you stay?" Because, I know that this is where God wants me to be. This is where my Father in Heaven has asked me to be and I greatly and gratefully accept his call. I labor for Christ. I am a laborer with Christ. Is there anything that could be more beautiful than bringing others to knowledge of the Lord and his merciful plan of Salavation? I dare you to think of something more marvelous. 

It is SO fulfilling. I am involved in the Work of Salvation. I get to speak to many people and I get to love many people. Such a grand opportunity! 

Anyways.. so ya. Here are some pictures! 

Saw this on the bus... Crazy..
View from my window.
Traveling to the lamb of god!

Dinner at the Nolan's (with Baked Alaska) May 16th

The Baked Alaska is a base of cake of some choose....fruit, then a slab of ice cream on top. You cover the whole with beaten egg white.... meringue we call it....then put in the oven for about 10 mins. Done right the egg wehite is cooked and the ice cream is still solid. So hot and cold. Timing is tricky I'm told.

Every day living is a miracle - May 19th

We had an amazing week! We had a referral! Her name is Titilayo (which means "Everlasting Joy"). She is Nigerian and she and her husband, Samuel, want a church in which they can raise their daughters. I am really excited for them! They are a great a family.

4 hour finding was a blast!! We had the youth involved and some ward missionaries. It was so fun!! We took about 60 balloons to town centre with words like Love, Faith, Hope, Peace, and Joy etc.. written on them in marker and we handed them out to people! We attached cards, invitations to church, and pamphlets to the balloons as well. It was so great. The wind kind of tangled the balloons up and so that was a setback.. but it was still really good. It was so fun. We had 10 potential investiagtors!! Soooo fun! and successful

We also found a new investigator on Saturday all thanks to the AUF program! She is wonderful. We taught her about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Wow. It was so great. I asked her What blessings she has seen from God in her life.. and it was such an inspired quesiton because... she broke down in the middle of the lesson and expressed to us how much she loved her family but she was scared because her marriage was breaking down. I knew that the Book of Mormon and teachings of the gospel would bless her marriage.  She accepted the challenge to read and pray and come to church. She said she would be baptised if she knew!!

It was amazing. Every day living is a miracle.

Elder Humpherys
 I was cold... Super cold!

 Trusty and Me

May movie night

Missionaries and balloons!! May 21st

This is done every 6 weeks.
 The idea is to engage people in a conversation so we decided on 60 helium filled balloons which were handed out and a discussion invited on the word on the balloon. It went well.

Missionary taxi cab