Monday, December 29, 2014

Live it up in Liverpool! December 29, 2014

Well... you know I am just having a blast! I don't have too much to say mostly because I am just getting so super tired of sending e-mails! haha. I forgot my camera today so sorry about no pictures..

Well this week our car broke down. We were driving and I made a right turn and it sputtered to a stop. haha! This is my 3rd car that has had a problem on my mission! I seriously cannot wait until I get to take bus's everywhere again. Or bikes.. 

Talked to a drunk man this week.. normal stuff. He kept trying to tell us something about a church and marriage and school. I don't know what he was saying.. but I was freezing and I shook his hand to leave and he wouldn't let go! haha. I was like "goodbye!" And he just kept talking really loudly in my face.. but I just calmly left him with our number and told him to call us if he needs any help. It's just a small thing but it's things like this that I encounter all the time! I have had a wide variety of experiences on my mission.. haha. So fun! 

Well my good people of the internet.. I really can't be bothered to type anymore this week! Sorry about my lack of desire to e-mail! Hopefully I'll have more desire to type more next week! haha

Elder Humpherys

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  1. First of all, you were quite nice to that drunk man. Which is pretty awesome, because most people would just ignore a drunk man trying to talk to them. On the other hand, it’s actually not that bad to take the bus or ride a bike every now and then – you could actually encounter a lot of fun things. That being said, I hope your car got fixed soon after. And thanks for sharing this post with us, Jessica. It was actually as fun, even without the pictures. All the best!

    Cayla Maggio @ NowThenTransmission