Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Here We Go... Here We GO! LIVERPOOL!!! December 1, 2014

Well, I will just say this now and get it out.. I'm sure my family knows all ready buuut guess who's leaving Oldham? YUP, you guessed it. ME. :(

I am transferring to LIVERPOOL!! :D 

I am really excited. Many of you may  know, my whole family joined the church here in Oldham. I have walked the streets they walked now for 3 months. What a blessing it was to be literally in the land of my forefathers. Now, when they decided to emigrate to America do you know where they had to go?


 I am literally following the footsteps of my great x 3 grandfather. He traveled to the docks of Liverpool and there he waited for his boat to his new home. It's crazy. I am feeling a small portion of what he must've felt. I absolutely love Oldham. I love the people, I LOVE the members here, they are like family to me, and I just love every second I have to get to know the WHOLE stake for over a year!! Definitely one of the best experiences of my life so far.. Now, it's off to the unknown land of.. Liverpool. haha.


​Farewell to the Austins! :(

​Farewell to Chris (amazing recent convert!)

Farewell to Aaron and Isaac (such biblical names...haha). These two are some of my favorite. I look like a nerd with my study journal. haha. I was able to teach gospel principles, sing Come Unto Christ (whilst playing the piano!), lead the adults in singing a primary song (haha!) and create a 31 day study of Christmas for the ward! It was a great sunday! The sacrament meeting was really powerful as well! It was so uplifting!
​THE TEALS!! Wow.. I will miss them sooooo much. They seriously changed my life. I love this family!

Annd... that's all for now. My new companion is Elder Sintim! He's from London and he is SO GOOD! I trained a missionary from his group and I have always thought he was amazing ever since his first day in the mission so it'll be a great experience and I will learn so much from him!

Actually on the plane ride to England I sat next to a girl named Olivia. She was from Liverpool! Maybe I'll see her again! haha . That'd be craaazzyy!

Anyways.. over and out for now!!

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