Monday, September 8, 2014

Shockwave with Elder Humpherys- Sept. 8, 2014

Well, I am being transferred.. I got a phone call from the boss and he said that it's time to be going! But, you know I am happy and excited. So where am I going.....


OLDHAM. I am going to Oldham? Does anyone understand how crazy this is? This is really really crazy! For a few reasons.

2) It's kind of basically in between Middleton and Whitefield.. hahahhaha. Going back to the city
3) I have actually served in that area on exchanges
4) my companion plays the violin.

Anyways. So ya. It's been crazy. I am super sad to leave though :( SO SO SO SAD. I loved Gaerwen so much. It was a blessing serving here.

Here are some farewell pictures to the people that I love:

Also look who I met!!!!! Sorry that this picture is blurry! THIS IS ME AND ELDER JOHNSON FROM MY HOME. You should've seen how excited we were when we saw each other. I haven't seen him for almost 3 years! It was a joyful reunion.

I love you all so much. I love my mission

Elder Humpherys

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