Monday, August 18, 2014

Once Upon A Time... Elder Humpherys

Dear Family and Friends,

Meet some of my best friends! My companion Elder Hulterstrom, Elder Hammond, and Elder Rolfson. Wow. I just love serving with these 4! They are amazing. I am just so grateful for my time. We went to the national slate museum last p-day and it is way more exciting then it sounds..

Real quick.. A big shout to MUM

I know it's her 35th birthday :) She is so lucky! :) Thanks for being the best Mum in the whole entire world! I wouldn't be here without her.

Shout out to mum!

So we had an amazing week! There are amazing things happening here and I just wish I could tell you them all! We have 2 investigators set for baptism and they are incredible! I absolutely love them and I am so grateful for them! I'll never forget the experiences I've shared as I have taught them. You know it is one of the best feelings to have someone understand with their heart what Jesus Christ did for them. I was able to see that in someone this week and as they realized it, I learned more about my Saviour then I did before. It was an amazing feeling. Don't we all want magical experiences like that? I can promise you if you just invited someone to learn about this gospel and the joy and peace that it can bring your testimony of the Saviour will increase faster than any other thing!

On another note we had a beautiful sunset last night and I just had to photograph this gem:

Gorgeous. I love living here.

Here is my last pictures. Two new friends that I made this week! These two are pretty hilarious! They travel back to their home tomorrow. They are related to some members here!

​Haha. Great times! Well I love you all so much and I hope you are all enjoying your week! Stay Strong and Press on!

Elder Humpherys

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