Monday, August 4, 2014

lkYr wyf yn ddisgybl i Iesu Grist with Elder Humpherys

​This week has been amazing! I have loved training! It is great. Elder Hulterstrom is quite a confident missionary and is doing great! We are seeing looooaadds of miracles.
First I will start with a picture:

This is my new son! Elder Hulterstrom! He is from Sweden. To the right is my wonderful trainer Elder Peterson. GENERATION PICTURE. I was doing a lot at that time so I may look like I am coming apart. Sorry about that! :)

He is amazing. He Is from Sweden and he does ParCor! CHECK OUT HIS YOUTUBE VIDEO. Type in Elder Hulterstrom on youtube and he'll pop up :)


This is Brother Thornton and I! He such an amazing member!! I am learning a lot from the people here.

WARD ACTIVITY!!! A lot of the local youth from around Gaerwen came and joined it! It was great!!! I conducted a small youth choir for a part of it. It was so fun! And Sister Griffiths made some delicious chocolate and banana cheesecake! MMM!!

​ Elder Hammond and I! We are training together in Gaerwen! He is from St. Anthony and he knows my friend Challis from when they were little kids! He's a great Elder and super kind! (Does anyone agree I should just shave my head.. my hair is so gross! haha)

Before Transfers we had "Train the Trainers" where all the trainers meet with the Mission President. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Wow. I love training and I love our mission president! It was wonderful. To the right is Elder Gourrat the Tahitian king and to the left is Elder Cueva. They are both spiritual giants.. and then there is just me. Giant! hahahahah. Just kidding. I love them both so much though!

I just hope you know that I love this place so much. I know that Jesus Christ loves us. I know that God is real and if we just accept the gospel into our lives we can feel more happy than ever before.

I love you all so much and hope you know that I truly do appreciate all of those who have influenced my life. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING.

QUICK SHOUT OUT TO SPENCER FITZGERALD who has left on his mission and to Elder (Ben) Johnson.. who I am pretty sure is still in the MTC waiting to come to the EMM. The best mission in the world.. and if my knowledge is correct he will be serving in MIDDLETON!! hahaha I served their for 6 months!! CRAZY.

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