Monday, August 4, 2014

15 things I loved about this week July 21, 2014

Mon, 21 Jul 2014
1. We found a new investigator named Hannah! She is a member referral and is amazing!! I am so excited to see how the gospel is going to work in to her life! She is so sweet and it is going to be wonderful.
2. We got a new bishop!! (so sad to see the old one go. he was a good man) But the new bishop is amazing!! 

3. We've ran into this man from the Netherlands like 6 times and is just so funny everytime we do. He might be coming to the baptism that we have this saturday!! I am convinced God is trying to tell him something. 

4. I had tea at a members house this week and learned that once upon a time they found an arm in their attic from like.. 100 years ago... It was.. neat. 

5. I sang in sacrament meeting and got to meet the amazing stake president! 

6. Went on an exchange with a missionary that dies at the end of this transfer (for those who don't know.. dies means likes... he goes home. He dies from the mission.. I never want to die.) 
7. The sun is shining so much.

8. It rained a few times. 

9. We had 9 nonmembers at church on Sunday! 

10. I made pasta. and it actually tasted good.

11. I found a picture of a man named John James Humpherys on a big mission conference picture from 1885. He was serving in Nottingham. He is one of forefathers. 

12. I taught the restoration to Hugh Jackman!! Okay.. well.. he looked JUST like Hugh Jackman. 

13. I crashed a wedding this week.. on accident.. 

14. Our investigator passed her baptismal interview.

15. Elder Cueva made Cake. 

This is my life.. and I hope you enjoyed the things I loved this week! 

Elder Humpherys 

My art skills have improved. Obviously I drew Elder Weston

Best friend Elder Griffiths


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