Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I smell transfers! And it smells like.. Tahiti?

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was superb! We had a great week full of things like talking to people and sharing the gospel and talking to more people and sharing the gospel. I love being a missionary. This is the best work in the whole wide world! Sounds cliche yes. But it's true. 

So, I am so hungry right now and It's really all I can think about. I should really eat before I e-mail.. 

Well, transfer calls were this week and... *drum rolls* I'M STAYING. I'm so happy. Elder Doherty will be heading of to the blessed land of Blackpool and I will be getting a new companion from *drum rolls again...* TAHITI!! I am soooo excited. All though I have know idea who he is and what he's like or how old he is or.... ya. none of that stuff. But, it should be good! 

Sheesh! I could really use some chicken right now or something. I am seriously soo hungry! 

Let's see... this week we taught our new friend.. we'll call him Peter because I don't know if I am allowed to use his real name or not. So Peter is fascinating! He has so many questions and i'll be honest.. sometimes i don't know what to say. I can answer questions that are more personal like "what can I do to be happier?" or "how can I find an answer to my prayer?" But when it comes to questions about crazy stuff like doctrine wise, my knowledge isn't perfect. Sooo.. I will miss Elder Doherty for the fact that he has an amazing ability to "teach for understanding." But, Peter came on a church tour the other day and had fun. Hopefully we can get him out to church. 

I think that this one of the hardest things about being a missionary is getting people to come to church. So if you could all pray that Me and Elder Gourratt will get some people to church this week we would appreciate that!!! 

Love you looooaadds! 

Elder Humpherys
  Elder Gourratt amd Elder Humpherys

Me and my new best friend Elder MacMeikan!!! This picture of me and E. MacMeikan is taken in Shaw which is where our ancestors lived!! They probably stood where I was standing! AMAZING.

HEEEEY!! This is my new minion stuart.  
  Ward activity night

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