Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Adventures of Harlequin and Dorito

Once upon a time..

There were two missionaries named Harlequin and Dorito (names have been changed due to privacy.. just kidding. They are nicknames courtesy of a recent convert who can't ever remember our names). 

Harlequin and Dorito had an amazing week this week. Fighting Satan and bringing people to the knowledge of their God. 

Okay, in all seriousness we had an amazing week this week! (sing song voice) I absolutely love missionary work!!! 

We had a miracle. AGAIN. I looovvee miracles. 

We met a man and went and taught him yesterday. We waited for ages and he kept changing the appointment and my companion was like "let's just cancel it and go." But I really felt prompted to wait for him. So we waited for quite a while and he finally showed up! We taught him and he told his life story and he told us at this point in his life he was choosing to either follow God and change or to end it. If we wouldn't have waited who knows what could have happened! Even though he has had these thoughts and challenges he is so normal!! He wants to be a missionary like us one day.. He just wants to help people. He recognizes the spirit and is letting us teach him tonight!

And the story continues... 

We had tea at the Nolan's this week. MMmmmmm so good. They made this delicious chocolate lava cake. Wow. Delicious.
I am also so amazed at the love in this ward. We have an investigator that is really struggling and usually the missionaries no more than the ward about the investigator but in her case this ward is doing so much to take her under their wing! It's amazing how much love they are showing her. 

I love you all so much! I am hungry now and will be traveling in to Piccadilly to go to Barburrito. One of the only places in this country that sells burritos. :) 

yes... I still loved burrito's. 
and I still
Love you all!! 

Elder Humpherys

Catherines Baptism!! 

Me and a Fallen over tree. I look horrendous in this picture but I want you to see the magnitude of the occasion. The tree was blown over by the wind! 

Elder Humpherys is having dinner at the Ward Mission Leaders home. I love looking at the food and dishes etc.  He is happy. This email is from the Ward Mission Leader, Bro Nolan.  He is so good to send pictures and updates.


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