Monday, April 28, 2014


This week has been so fun. Oh boy! I am soo tired though. Does anyone have any good idea's of how to get more energy throughout the day? because I feel like soo tired all the time! haha.

So. This week was pretty great. Let me just tell you something wonderful. 

I GOT AN EGG THROWN AT ME. ha. It was hilarious! I was on an exchange with Elder Kunzler! (A great missionary from Idaho. He is amazing and so nice! He helped me out a lot!) And we were just laughing soo hard. 

I had a district meeting on Tuesday which was a bit intense because someone from the new mission presidency attended and the zone leaders came to do their evaluation. It went really well but gee whiz! One and a half hours is not long enough for a district meeting! haha. I always run out of time. We went to tea at the Ramsey's house that night and they made us some delicious polish food! I love the Ramsey's they are wonderful people and I am thankful for their kindness! 

On Wednesday we did some service for a nice couple. We painted their shed. I LOVE DOING SERVICE. It is soo great and it feels so good! :) 

This Friday.. I lost my wallet.. or it got stolen! Whichever little rascal stole my wallet I would really appreciate it if you turned it in or gave it back! Haha. It's not to big of a deal.. just everything is gone. 

Saturday we had a tea appointment with Sister Barber. She is a wonderful member and I was able to meet some of her family members that are visiting here from Australia. It was great. 

Well family and friends.. 

Because of Jesus Christ I know that there is purpose to my life.
 Because of Him I know that I can be with my family forever. 
Because of Him I will walk by faith.
 Because of Him I will be courageous and kind.

#BecauseofHim I know I can live with my Heavenly Father once more. 

Elder Humpherys 
A hot cross bun!!!! Only found at Easter time

Me smiling!! and with crazy weird skin..

some of the amazing youth!!!

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