Monday, February 3, 2014

January 27, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
Wow, This week has been really good.. all though it's been a bit slow. Elder Mawhinney has been feeling under the wheater so we've had to go to the doctors a few times. The doctor was Dr. Humphreys and I swear she has the same eyes as dad! Ice blue! It was neat, she said that if I ever wanted to go to Uni in England she would give me advice and stuff because she works at some University here. She was super nice a great doc!
Monday we played some BBall at the church. I'm still not very good at that game. I am just big so I just push people over.. ooops. Then we stopped by our investigator that night and she was SUPER sick. I felt so bad. So we haven't been able to see her since.
Tuesday we had interviews in Rochdale. I love President Preston so much! He is so good. We reviewed the goals I had set for last year and how they helped, if I changed, etc.. and WOW. I actually started crying a little bit. I started talking about how Jesus Christ has become my greatest influence and in this small moment I realized how strong my relationship with Him was. Wow, it was a good moment for me. Then we had pizza with Cordons and Brother Nolan during coordination meeting and ward council! Wow, that was long night full of meetings.
Saturday. We got a referral from the Rochdale Elders and this man we started teaching is searching for the truth! He has a lot of questions but I am sure he'll find all the answers here. It was a good meeting so hopefully we can see some progress there!
Sunday I sang in Church and I realized the power the God has given me. My ability to sing is truly a gift from Heavenly Father.. I am so grateful for it and I hope I can use more frequently. This past week I have sung on doorsteps, in homes, on buses! Haha CRAZY!
I love you all so much and I know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ!
Keep going strong!
Elder Humpherys 


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