Monday, February 10, 2014

A Bread and Jam Kind of Week

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
So, You might be interested why I wrote the title "A Bread and Jam Kind of Week." To be honest, I am not quite sure. I think it might be because we have been so busy all we have time to eat is bread and jam for tea!
We have seen some great things this week. We have to investigators who are dated for baptism and they are simply amazing!! One of them came to the baptism this friday and she really enjoyed herself! I hope she continues to progress.
We had a lot of miracles. We were walking home at about 8:45 and I was just rushing to beat the clock when all of sudden the Spirit quitely whispered..
"Hey.. go knock on that door.."
I pushed the thought away.. It is too late to knock on a door. It is cold. We have got to get home... Then my thinking changed. I said NO! I am not going to be the missionary that misses out on following the spirit.. So we went back, knocked on the door and BOOM. The man said he wasn't interested and slammed door..
Ha.. can you come again?
Yup! He wasn't interest. So I was confused.. walking down the steps when all of sudden two kids turn the corner. "HEY!" I shouted. They were like "Oh my gosh are you American?" I was like "Yeah!" They ran over and we introduced who we were and what we do. The young man said that he was just hit by a bus 2 weeks ago and didn't have any injuries. NONE. So he believes in God now and the girl said she always prayed when she had a hard time. We were able to share a bit more about the Book of Mormon with them and invited them to church.
It was a neat experience! If I hadn't had knocked on that door I wouldn't have met them. They didn't come to church unfortunately.. It's hard for teens do "be religious" now-a-days. Sometimes... Peer pressure is strong. But, I know that we have planted a seed.
We also had our investigator come to church! She enjoyed it!

I love this work. My familia and amigos. Please REMEMBER the Saviour. Weekly. Daily. Hourly. For we truly do need him every hour! Helaman chapter 5 is amazing. Helaman knew the importance of this principle. In fact he was so wise he named his two sons after the two great Book of Mormon hero's Nephi and Lehi. He did this so that when they remembered their names they would remember their forefathers.. Don't forget your testimony. It's crucial that you have the spirit with you. It is absolutely vital. I second the invitation given by Deiter F. Uchtdorf "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."
Don't forget I love you aaaaalllll!
Elder Humpherys
Me trying to be suave... just.. no.

I love this woman! She has amazing faith! She is from Nigeria!

hahahahha. I just love this cat picture!

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