Monday, February 3, 2014

Gratitude is the theme for this week

This week was ammmmaaaaazziiinnngg!!
We found 5 new investigators! THAT IS ALOT. :) I am so excited. These people are so wonderful. I really hope we can continue to share the gospel with them. They all have such sweet personalities.
We took one of our investigators to the mission home fireside last night and it was such a great experience. He was able to hear the testimonies of so many people who had recently been baptised and it was great. He was able to really see what influence the gospel can have our lives. I really think it was a grand experience for him.
This week I also met a woman who lived in Buhl(?) Idaho! Wow, her sister lives over there still. That was amazing. Unfortunately the bus came and we couldn't talk for very long.
We are teaching a Lithuanian man right now and he is so good! At first I was kind of intimadated by him because he is so tall and has this really thick accent but as we got to know him he is really nice! He has a lot of really great questions too.
I love my mission so much! This week the theme has been gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for.. Without the trials that I have been through I don't think I would have realized these blessings! It makes me think of Peter. In Luke it talks about how Jesus asks Peter to go out to sea and cast the nets over the boat.. Peter says something along the lines of "We have been fishing all night and haven't had a single bite! Not even a nibble!! But.. nevertheless I will go and do what you say." I think he must've have felt some sorrow for his lack of success.. But he does what the Lord asks and in the end (spoiler alert!) their is so many fish caught that the boat begins to sink and the nets begin to tear! Now, that is a miracle all in it's own.. but the inward change that must've taken place in Peter is even greater. If he had not have had the trial of catching nothing for hours, maybe even days, would he have fully realized the miracle the Lord had showed him? I believe that because Peter had been a bit discouraged by his time fishing that he was ready for the Lord to show him a miracle! His heart was ready to recieve it.. Sometimes we need to go through trials so we can FULLY recognize the power of Jesus Christ.
Anyways I don't know if that makes sense.. but I love you all and I have to get going!
Elder Humpherys

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