Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Children's Song at the Top of the Stairs

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow. So I love my mission so much. I am learning loads and loads out here!! I had a great week this week. I had an exchange with Elder Honour and it was terrific! Elder Honour is a really good missinoary. I learned more on this exchange than any other on my mission. I definitely have SO much I need to work on and I have loads of things I need to improve on. Elder Honour is a great finder! He talks to everyone. I really felt like I was working hard when I was with him. I had one of the most special experiences on my whole mission when I was with him..

We went to interview one of sister's investigators for baptism. When we arrived we greeted her and had a good time and all of the sudden I could just feel the spirit so strongly in my heart. The sisters and I left the room and took the investigators daughter with us. We went and sat at the top of the stairs and all of a sudden the little girl asked me if I would sing "away in a manger.." So I sang and again I felt the spirit so strong. Then the little girl pulled out a small primary songbook and we all sang "I am a child of God" and other inspired and tender songs.. When I was singing and looking at this little child I felt in my heart "THIS is the gospel of Jesus Christ." This is what missionary work is. Golden "shining moments." I know that the little girl felt loved by those 2 great sister missionaries and she felt the Saviours love. Her mom is now going to make such a sweet step into baptism and this whole family will be given the chance to feel the special love of the Saviour.. At the top of those stairs I realized that "THIS is what missionaries should be experiencing every day." Special experiences, faith building experiences or, in other words, MIRACLES.

The sister’s are currently serving in Oldham. WOW! I was able to go to Oldham! For those of you who don’t know, my ancestors mainly came from Oldham. It was a very tender experience! Walking the same streets and roads that my ancestors walked. When I think about it, I wonder if maybe I walking the same paths that they did in spirit as well. I have found that blood bonds us together much more than physical attributes. Did my great great grandfather have the same questions I do? Did he worry about the same things? Who knows? But let’s just say I LOVED being there.
Anyways I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week.
Elder Humpherys
p.s. no pics this week due to lack of cord. :( sorry

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