Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mission Life is GOOD (especially when there is a singing tree)!

Dear Family and friends,

This week has been amazing! I have been gone for four months! Wow! I was so lucky to go on an exchange with Elder Webster this week. It was so good! I had the opportunity to teach their investigator, Paula. It was her last lesson before she was getting baptised. That was such a special experience for me because I have never seen an investigator progress that far. She is so amazing and I wish I could’ve gone to her and William’s (her son) baptism. Elder Webster is such a good missionary. I hope I can be as effective as Elder Webster. He is such a good example
We had a miracle this week. We have been working with two investigators named Karen and Lee. Well, she never got baptized because circumstances outside of her and our control. But, we had the chance to teach her and her husband, Lee, this week. The lesson was on The Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was amazing! The spirit was so strong and was doing all the teaching. The member we had with us was superb in helping Karen and Lee. We actually used a video from "The District 2" DVD. We watched "The Purpose of Missionary Work: The Robles Family." It was amazing. The spirit prompted me to share that video. I think it helped Karen and Lee finally understand what role we as missionaries are trying play in their lives. They BOTH set baptismal dates and want to work really hard to reach them.
Unfortunately.. Karen's dad passed away the next day.. so we may have to push her date back. But at least we are making progress! Also, as far as investigators go, Adam (our newest investigator), bore his testimony on Sunday. Wow! He is amazing!
The members here are fantastic. We are going to the singing ringing tree this week! WOOO! That will be fun. But I gotta get going. Hope you all have amazing weeks. Go and share the GOSPEL!
Elder Humpherys
The Singing Tree

Elder Roberts and I

The Burnley District of amazingness!

Elder Webster and I

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