Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mission Transfers (and I am now a trainer)!

Dear Family and Friends,
 Wow. I know, again, I say this every week but SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. I don’t even know where to begin.
 Sadly, I had to leave Burnley. I will always love my first little home in England. I was heart broken saying goodbye to the members and the people I was teaching there. I love them so much. But change is inevitable and the Lord needs me else where and where has he called me?
 TO WHITEFIELD! Wooooo! It’s near Manchester but we are in the Ashton Stake. I love it here. So far the people are really friendly. The librarians are especially nice. I am excited to get to know them better. Let’s see.. I will just start with earlier this week.
 Monday we taught Chris. Ahh! He is amazing. I am going to miss him so much.
 Tuesday we had Zone Meetings which I loved. It’s so amazing to see the other missionaries. It is such a blessing. It’s like going to a big family reunion. It gives me so much strength. That night we taught Chris again.
 Wednesday we went to Karen's Dad’s funeral at St. Catherine's church. It was a nice service. Karen read a poem she wrote about her dad and it was very sincere and sweet. Then we went to the Hewitsons that evening for tea.. They are such an amazing family and so nice! I loved going to their house.
 Thursday Elder Roberts and I gave a blessing to Sister Slade. She was pretty ill. It was a very spiritual experience for me though. We went to the Anderson’s for tea that evening! Ahh they are so good. We watched a video about “The touch of the Masters Hand” and it was all about the violin. I was reminded of so many violin memories. It was really good. That evening we watched the whole Joseph Smith restoration video with Chris. It was soooo good.
 Friday was MEET THE MORMONS!! It was soooo good. We had a lot of positive responses from the people who came to it. They said it was really impressive, which is good. The Burnley Ward represented the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so beautifully. It was so amazing.
 That evening I got a call from President. He called extended the invitation to be a trainer! He said I would be whitewash training into Whitefield. Woah. So I was super shocked and surprised and I didn’t really know how to feel. But I said “Okay.” And so here I am. I love it! It is a bit difficult. I will tell you more about training and my new area later.
 On Saturday I spent the day saying goodbye to everyone and packing. It was also Meet the Mormons from 10 – 4. So it was good because I got to see everyone. That evening we went to a recent converts house for tea and visited the Palmers. I love them sooo much!
 Then on Sunday, it was CRAZY. It was Rob’s baptism (the other elders were teaching him). It was so good. There were quite a bit of non-members at church there to support Rob. There was like 6 extra missionaries and so it was quite exciting. Then we went to the mission home fireside that evening. We took Karen and Lee and I think they quite enjoyed themselves. I will miss them a lot. I am excited to go back for their baptisms!
 Monday we spent the day saying good bye to everybody and seeing a ton of members. We had tea at Sis. Pickles house (which is funny because it was my last tea appointment and she was my VERY FIRST tea appointment when I came out into the field).
 Then Tuesday I left to go to “Train the Trainers.” It was really good. They talked a lot about what we need to do as trainers. I was just mind boggled that I was still a trainer. I felt so inadequate. I still feel inadequate. White-washing is difficult within itself, but whitewashing and training is pretty hard as well. I would be a lot easier but my trainee is from Thailand and is still learning the language… so it’s an incredible learning experience and I love him so much!
 On Tuesday night I got to see Elder Peterson!!!! I am so happy. It was so good to see him. It made me so happy.
 Wednesday we work for two hours and met a man named Samuel from Nigeria who’s preacher USED THE BOOK OF MORMON with the bible in his meetings! WOAH! So that was good.
 Then it was transfer meeting. The trainers lined up and the trainee’s walked in and we gave them all hugs and everyone is singing called to serve… ahh it’s so fun! Then they go up on the stand and when they called my trainee’s name I was like “YAAAAAAA!” and he stood up and everyone started to laugh and I saw my trainee come down. Elder Suriyachan. He wants to be a professional singer and dancer. He is good. He doesn’t know English very well and so we have to do an hour of language study a day. Did I ever think I would be teaching someone vocabulary, phrases, and grammar? No. I really have no idea what I am doing. But that is why it is such a blessing to have the spirit.
 Now, we both know nothing about the area, we have no investigators, I know none of the members, talked to the bishop once over the phone and now we have to figure out what to do! HA. Again, I am grateful for the spirit.
Now here I am. E-mailing home. Pray for me! I love missionary life!!
Elder Humpherys


Elder Humpherys
5 Speyside Close
M45 8SP
United Kingdom

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