Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013

Dearest Family and Friends,
Wow. This week went so fast.. but so slow at the same time. Haha. So basically it was normal. We have had such a successful week! We have 3 investigators who are dated for baptism! WOW! That is such a miracle. What a wonderful week.
Last Friday, Sister Moore called us and told us her leg started hurting so she sat down on a bench and this man came down and sat next to her. She decided to give him a pass along card. They got talking and she had the courage and faith to invite him to meet the missionaries! So that night she called us and gave him his information.
On Monday evening the Moore’s, Elder Roberts and I went over to this man’s house (his name is Chris). Sister Moore was the first to greet him and then we introduced ourselves. We went into his home, taught him the restoration, and invited him to baptism and he said yes! The spirit was so strong. Ever since then we have met with him and have been teaching him. He loves the atmosphere and principles of the gospel. He has never been religious before so it is COMPLETELY new to him. He is the nicest man though. Kind of like a big teddy bear! Ahh, I just love him. He came to general conference and loved it! He is going to be baptised on October 26, 2013! Wooooo! The gospel has already started affecting his life. He tells us he feels happier, more confident, and not as afraid of life.
So throughout the week we have been teaching investigators and members and less actives and so forth! I love it. Not much really happened this week. I was attacked by a viscous swan. Haha. That was funny.
On Friday we were doing an AUF and we found a less active woman with like 16 children and also taught the restoration to a woman (on the spot lessons are the BEST! Especially the restoration!)
So I have to go now. I had a short amount of time this day. Thank you for all your e-mails though!
Elder Humpherys
P.S. Transfers are this week so I will not be e-mailing til thursday! LOVE YOU!

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