Monday, June 23, 2014

Rwy'n gobeithio y gallaf gael car yn fuan!

Deeeeeeaaar Everyone,

Wow. So this place is wonderful!! I live in a small village called Y Velinheli. I love it. I hope to see many miracles in this beautiful country. 

We had a baptism on Saturday. It was nice. I didn't really know the young man being baptized.. but it was still good! I sang at it and then the Bishop and one of his counselor's invited me to sing with them in sacrament meeting. It was wonderful! The Welsh people really do have amazing voices! (The Bishop is from Canada.. he's got a great voice! But the congregation and primary was also very amazing!) 

We started teaching a girl named Amber! She is so smart and she's read the whole Book of Mormon (Children's edition). She knows all the stories! She has a strong testimony. Her brother was just baptized.
So.. if you haven't all ready put the title into Google translate I will tell it to you now: 


Unfortunately one of the Elder's before me crashed the car the day before I got here. It's soo hard to get around but I have found that we have met so many people that we would not have met if we would've had a car! So, I guess it's all in the Lord's hands.. but I hope I can get in it soon so we can get things moving.

New Address:  
Elder Matthew Humpherys
63 Ffordd Garnedd
Y Felinheli
LL56 4QY

Caernarfon Castle. Wow. We know some people that LITERALLY live just down the street from here! What an amazing place to live

okay. This girl. Anna. She is from Rexburg. She is rooming with my cousin! SHOUT OUT TO ABBEY! ;) I can't believe my first Sunday here and the day there family was visiting just happened to be the same day... crazy.

My crazy companion. haha he's great!
Living Quarters in Wales!

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