Monday, June 16, 2014

Every day living is a miracle - May 19th

We had an amazing week! We had a referral! Her name is Titilayo (which means "Everlasting Joy"). She is Nigerian and she and her husband, Samuel, want a church in which they can raise their daughters. I am really excited for them! They are a great a family.

4 hour finding was a blast!! We had the youth involved and some ward missionaries. It was so fun!! We took about 60 balloons to town centre with words like Love, Faith, Hope, Peace, and Joy etc.. written on them in marker and we handed them out to people! We attached cards, invitations to church, and pamphlets to the balloons as well. It was so great. The wind kind of tangled the balloons up and so that was a setback.. but it was still really good. It was so fun. We had 10 potential investiagtors!! Soooo fun! and successful

We also found a new investigator on Saturday all thanks to the AUF program! She is wonderful. We taught her about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Wow. It was so great. I asked her What blessings she has seen from God in her life.. and it was such an inspired quesiton because... she broke down in the middle of the lesson and expressed to us how much she loved her family but she was scared because her marriage was breaking down. I knew that the Book of Mormon and teachings of the gospel would bless her marriage.  She accepted the challenge to read and pray and come to church. She said she would be baptised if she knew!!

It was amazing. Every day living is a miracle.

Elder Humpherys
 I was cold... Super cold!

 Trusty and Me

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