Monday, June 16, 2014

Hwyl fawr Middleton, Helo Gaerwen!!! (I am headed to a new country!)

So, wow. I am being transferred to the beautiful land of GAERWEN, WALES! My new companion is named Elder Queva. He was born in Ecuador but grew up in Italy and he is amazing!! I am soo excited.

I am sad to be leaving Middleton and a bit nervous for the future. I am soo comfortable here.. but that is the problem.. haha. I am very happy 

Good news!! I have passed my UK Driving test!! I now get to drive a car! I am excited but also nervous.. I hope that even though I am in a car I still find ways to exercise. I don't want to gain any weight!! hahah. The driving test wasn't too bad and I had an amazing examiner! He was so nice. I had a great instructor as well. Watch out UK... Elder Humpherys is on his way!! 

In other news, we have an investigator that is on her way to baptism. She picked 12 July 2014 to be baptized!! I am so excited for her and I just can't wait to see where this pathway takes her. She has 2 daughters that are so precious and cute!! I love their little family so much. 

Well, I love you all! I hope you know that. Oh ya, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the best Dad in the world! 
(A little info from Brother Nolan:  Elder H goes to another country !!! Wales! Still in the UK. A bit like going from USA to Canada.  He goes to Gaerwen Ward (pronounced as in rare-win) on the island of Anglesey, in the Chester Zone (an old Roman city with the remains of the wall intact around it) This is an entirely different area for him, quite remote.............and guess what?........ he gets a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Good job he passed his test ! He will also encounter the Welsh language......and English. Wales is an ancient land full of history, castles, mountains, valleys, lakes.)
passed my driving test!!

a few people from my mission group!! Now we are on our 10th transfer!! Ohh yaa!

my foot after a service project. I got dirty..

Tahitian Shells.

Lorenzo and I!

Me in the rain. Norm.
FROG.. Vanessa? Pine Basin anyone?

Starting the hedgetrim

Companion for the day...........on splits. A Brit.

Tidying a tree

Meal Break!

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