Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I LOVE WHITEFIELD (and burned chips)!!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Oh my World! I LOVE WHITEFIELD! This place is amazing full of amazing people and opportunities. Seriously, there is a lot going on here. I doubled my number of gospel conversations this week which is a huge miracle.. but still have no new investigators.. but we’re still working on it!

The whitefield library is top notch. Let me tell you, the workers here are amazing! They are so kind. I think this library should win a big award.

How is everyone doing this week? I have learnt so much this week I can’t even begin to describe it all. We went to a meeting on Tuesday called 1st 5 weeks.. it’s for new missionaries to go to who have been in the field for 5 weeks. It was amazing. I feel like my 1st 5 weeks meeting was just a few days ago.. but it was actually like.. 15 weeks ago. Haha. But we learned so much. It was a good experience for Elder Suriyachan as well. He learned a lot more about how to bus contact and talk to people on the streets and stuff. Now we just have to keep that fire burning!

We had a super fun zone activity on Monday. It was like a thanksgiving pot luck and we played chair football! It was sooooo fun. And I won chair football. And I almost passed out because I maybe played to hard.. haha. But it was fun!!

Tuesday we had our 1st 5 weeks.

Wedensday we had tea at the Hydes house! It was so delicious and super fun. Then we froze our bums off walking to see our the Less Active man. That night we were waiting for the bus and none came and it was so cold!! We were stranded and so we called our ward mission leader and he gave us a lift. While we were waiting for him though we saw a pontential investigator who gave was able to give us her address so we could stop by.. We tracted her street that night and found 2 more pontential investigators. Pray that we find them!!

Thursday was our zone conference with the area president. Wow. I got to sing a solo with the choir! That was fun. But his training was powerful. He promised us that we could change our area’s within a trasnfer cycle if we applied the things we learned that day! I never felt the spirit so strong. It was good. We were also able to see our friends Paul and Chrissy! YAY!

Well. Missionary work isn’t easy and I have got to run. I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. We are His Latter-day Saints. We believe in God. We believe in goodness. We believe in families. We believe in miracles. Let us all press on in this faith and make it known to everyone what the gospel will bring to our lives!


Elder Humpherys       

I don't know if I sent this picture.. but it's my chips that i made. oops.                                                                     

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