Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You can always be a missionary!!!

Dear wonderful family and friends! I first have a huge favour to ask all of you out there

1)      We are planning a Christmas activity here in the Whitefield ward on December 20, 2013! It is based on the movie “Elf.” Could you all send me idea’s for activities for kids and adults that would be fun? I would really appreciate it! I need them by Sunday night if possible!
Okay. Second of all I want to give a shout out to all my mates on missions. You are all amazing! Keep up the good work and remember how much Heavenly Father loves us for preaching His gospel. I know that He loves us and that He is truly watching over us. Keep up the good work my friends.
This week has been really uplifting. We found 2 new investigators! I think that makes about 8 or 9 total new investigators since I have been here. That’s not enough. It takes 41 1st lessons to get a baptism (roughly). I really learned a lot this week about who I am and what I want to become. I’ll explain more in depth further in the letter.
So, on Tuesday we visited a less active man. And he told us to come back to his house later in the evening. He has been through quite a bit of rubbish. I felt really bad for him. He looked absolutely knackered. I went on an exchange this weekend with Elder Clark and taught him the restoration again. His eyes filled with tears as he talked about the blessings he missed from coming to church and living the gospel. So we’ve started working with him to get him reactivated. I am being really firm about inviting him to have daily scripture study and prayer. That is where everything starts. Heavenly Father can’t bless us or help us if we don’t talk to Him and search for what He’s trying to teach us. I KNOW THAT. I know it. I know that daily, individual, sacred scripture study and personal prayer must be done. If the foundation of faith isn’t embedded deeply within our hearts our power to endure will crumble. (Henry B. Eyering). The biggest cause for people going inactive is because they’ve forgotten who they are and who they can rely on. We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father and we must have faith in His son, Jesus Christ… and we can’t remember that on our own. It is daily scripture study and prayer that keep us focused on Christ. I want to commit all who reads this to promise now to never miss a day. I will never miss a day for the rest of my life, for as long as I live!
Okay, I’ll get off that soap box now. It’s just I’ve seen so many people go inactive for the most silly reasons.. Become a missionary, not their back-up plan. I want to become a forever missionary.
I heard that IF East stake had 8 convert baptisms? That is so good! How is the Coltman 3rd ward doing? I hope they are all getting excited about and getting involved with the work of salvation!!
Wednesday we had the most delicious tea at a member’s house! Yay! TEA APPOINTMENT!
Thursday I was finally able to meet with Bishop Hughes. He is amazing! I want to be like him when I grow up. He has the most crazy mission stories ever! He served in Africa and… wow. Mom, just be glad I didn’t serve there! ;)
Friday and Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Clark. It was amazing! Something we both really needed. We had so many miracles. We met a man on the bus who we are teaching tonight (he asked US for pamphlets and stuff..) and we found another woman who lives really close to us who doesn’t like Christmas time because she remembers the death of her mother and mother-in-law. So we are going to start working with her. It should be fun. I am so desirous to find someone to teach. I hope these two will progress to baptism!
We had a good chat with the Relief Society President in our ward as well. Sister Smith. She worked in the MTC for 2 years and has the most amazing advice!! I learned so much from her. Her and Bishop have so many similar qualities. They are qualities I admire and am striving to emulate. I know who I want to become. It’s just getting there that’s the tricky part. ;)
Sunday was good. I love church. We heard some conversion stories.. but we haven’t had any investigators at church which is really rough. It makes me sad. But we’ll get there!
The life of a missionary is so much fun. I wish I could just do this for the rest of my life… oh wait.. I can!
Hope you all have a wonderful week. Love you!
Elder Humpherys 

 Haircut pictures that Esau took for me. He's cuts hair. :) haha. He wants your approval!

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