Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Love this Work!!!


How is everyone doing this week? I miss you all so much. My mission is just flying by. We are seeing so much success in Whitefield this week! I llloooovvveee it!

Monday was busy! P-days aren’t fun sometimes. Haha.  We were able to teach a recent convert who brought his girlfriend to the Friday Fright Night on Friday! J

Tuesday was amazing! Let me just tell you some finding miracles that happened throughout this week:

We have been praying (and other missionaries have been praying for us through the zone prayer roll) to find new investigators. We have found 4 souls this week who desire to learn more about the gospel! I am so happy. One of them was found (I know this will sound weird) but I had the impression to follow a cat. It led us to a man's door who opened it to let the cat in and he basically invited us in right away! At our 2nd lesson he invited his friend over to hear our message and to watch the restoration DVD! A few days later we met a man from Africa while we were trying to contact a referral! He shouted out his window and called me by my first name (and I have never met him.. haha). It really freaked me out but then I guess he was just looking for his friend.. but we got talking and he invited us in. He seems really good! Anyways, all transfer we have been trying to have 10 gospel conversations every day but I just haven't been able to reach that goal. I always get between 3 - 7 people who actually stop to listen.. I sincerely try my very best to do it.. The blessing comes from knowing that God recognizes our efforts and he placed a girl named Erin in our path! She was so nice and seemed really ready for the gospel of Jesus Christ! We talked to her for about 30 minutes and gave her a Book of Mormon. Her only thing standing in the way is she can only meet with us if her teachers let her leave class a bit early next Tuesday! So we have been praying and praying that we will be able to meet her then! When we try our hardest and we talk to everyone that we can God recognized those efforts and blesses us with people to teach! Miracles.  

WOWZA! It’s been amazing. Wednesday was crazy. I will have to take a picture of my planner one day so you can see what it looks like J That is when we met our first miracle find.

We had a “Friday Fright Night” this week and it was so fun! They had fireworks and there were many sweet non-members there. It was a good experience for the members and everyone who was involved. I wished my family was there. They would’ve loved it!

We had stake conference this week! It was so amazing. I loved it! Well I gotta go! Talking to someone in the library! I love it!

Elder Humpherys

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