Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dear Anyone Who Reads This,
How are aaaallll of you? I am doing fantastic. Sorry this e-mail isn’t coming on a Monday. It was Bank Holiday yesterday and everything shuts down on a bank holiday. They happen every few months. Also, next time I e-mail will be on Thursday because…..
I am so nervous/excited/sad/curious/
anxious/happy…. It’s a crazy range of emotions. I know that I will be getting a new companion because once your 12 weeks of training is up you and your trainer are separated. I am a little bummed about that. I love serving with E. Peterson. He is one of my best friends. But, I am excited to see who/where I will be next. It should be a great adventure. Nevertheless, I will miss E. Peterson a ton. I also don’t know if I am  staying or leaving Burnley.. but I do love this place.
Okay. I got a lot of e-mails this week so sorry if I didn’t respond.. I’ll try to next week. But I appreciate and love them! Thank you all so much.
Let’s see.. this week has been a really good one. I feel like I am finally starting to get into the groove of things. I still do a lot of things wrong.. haha.. but I am getting there! It’s so great to be in Burnley. I love it here.
On Monday we climbed Pendle Hill! It was so great. We went with Brother Leeds. He is a great man! I loved it. Pictures will show how amazing it is. We also had our first lesson with Mary! I will talk about that later…
Tuesday we did a lot of things… (I’m sorry.. I can’t remember what we did on Tuesday…). On Tuesday night we drove to Chorley because on Wednesday we had the…
It was so much fun. We were able to go to many historical sites. I had a very moving experience while we were in Liverpool.
On the docks of Liverpool there is a statue of a family that represents all of the saints that traveled to America to build up Zion. When I turned and looked off the coast I felt of a wave emotion roll over me. I pictured my Great Great Grandfather, John Nield, standing where I stood with his wife and his young baby. I could feel the emotion of excitement running through my body.. but I could also feel the anxiety of leaving my homeland and taking my young family on a journey where the end was very uncertain. I could picture him watching the boat that he would be leaving on pull into the docks knowing that it was my turn to leave…
 The spirit I felt was very strong. I am grateful for that experience.
We were able to travel through Chatburn and Downham (look up the experiences that went there, they are good.) I had the special experience to sing in the chapel (a catholic chapel I believe) with a few other Elder’s. We sang Come, Come Ye Saints. They asked me to sing part of it as a solo and I felt so privileged!
On ThursdaySaturday I spent the day with E. Rodgers on an exchange. It went well. I was in Rossendale Valley. Today I am on an exchange with Elder Kay in Burnley. Yay! I looove exchanges.. I learn so much and it’s great to become friends with another missionary.
Sunday was good. I played the piano…
Yesterday was fantastic! I had the opportunity to go to the temple with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Burgan! I loved it. It was amazing. I learned so much. I love our WML. Bro. Burgan. We call him “Father Burgan” haha. It’s so fun. He is so willing to go teaching with the missionaries. I have learned so much from him. I am grateful that I am serving here and that I have learned so much from all of these experiences.
I love my mission. Everything about it is fantastic. I am nervous for transfers.. pray for me! Haha. I know that wherever I go or whoever I am with is all part of God’s plan for me. I am excited to see what will happen. Maybe I’ll stay.. Maybe I’ll go? Who knows! I will talk to you all on Thursday! LOVE YOU!
Elder Humpherys

 The first four pictures are from Sister Meese's Blog about the Church History Tour....if you look you can see Elder Humpherys

We began the tour hearing of how Heber C. Kimball and Joseph Fielding docked in Liverpool before coming into Preston to preach.
Next stop was Avenham Park in Preston near where the first European baptisms took place in 1837.   Here is President Preston recording this day with his beloved missionaries.   And they love their president.  This Japanese garden is where the memorial stands commemorating the early baptisms.

Liverpool's Maritime Museum
Last stop, the beautiful countryside of Downham, where we all congregated in a gorgeous old Anglican chapel to be briefly addressed by President Preston and three others.   Then we closed with the ringing tones of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" - a cappella.   And we walked out into what Queen Elizabeth reportedly called the loveliest view in all of England.
The Titanic
 Statue at Liverpool

 Me and Brother Leeds (E. Osborn in the background. He looks like a little man..haha).

Book of Mormon on Pendle Hill! 
 Me and E. Peterson
Sister Hargreaves!
 E. Rodgers!
E. Calder! 
me and E. Peterson


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