Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dearest Family and Friends,
Wow. This week has been a big week for me. Elder Peterson and I are no longer serving together… Sad. I am so grateful for the time I had to serve with him. He is a fantastic missionary and I know that he was meant to be my trainer. I learned so much from him and I just know we’re going to be friends forever. I hate goodbyes. It was hard to say goodbye but so many good things are happening and I am so excited. He has moved to be district leader in Chester and I am serving in… BURNLEY! I am still here so that is good. I like serving here.
My new companion, Elder Roberts, is amazing. To be honest, I was so nervous to get a new companion. I loved E. Peterson so much and I was afraid that I wouldn’t get along as well with my next companion. Elder Roberts and I met up yesterday and he is amazing! We are almost like the same person. He is so happy!! We are both pretty young missionaries though. He is the district leader and he has been serving for seven months and I have been serving for three! We are a young companionship. We have fresh faith. I know there are going to be amazing things happening this transfer. He loves Burnley so much. I love his enthusiasm. I hope that we can continue with this same kind of urgent excitement throughout the whole transfer. Elder Roberts is from Utah! (haha, no surprise there…) He has 8 siblings and 16 nieces and nephews!!! We have so much in common. We are both desirous to be diligent and obedient missionaries. I know that we will both live up to the potential set for us.
Monday was a good day. We went to Rossendale for a few hours to help another companionship out and then we had tea at Sis. Hargreaves! She is so wonderful. I loved it.
Tuesday we went to the Book of Mormon class. Sister Pickles taught it and it was fantastic. She is such a good teacher! I learned so much. We had tea that evening with Paul and Chrissie that evening. It was so good. I love them and their family so much. I am so sad because they told us they are moving to Burry (I think that’s where anyways..). NOOOOO!!!  But it was really good. We had such a good lesson and I just hope things go well.
Wednesday was hard. I had to say goodbye to Elder Peterson but it was okay. He is a great missionary and I can’t wait to see his success. He helped me a lot. My life will be changed forever because of Elder Peterson! While I was waiting for Elder Roberts (my new companion) I was able to spend some time with Zone Leader, Elder Webster. Apparently he is Danielle Bingham’s cousin? Someone should ask her that. Small world. But, he is a great missionary and I was able to just unload so many questions on him and he helped me out so much. We were able to visit some less actives and do some finding. It was a good day.
Then at 4:45 my companion showed up!! He is so nice. I love him already. We have so many great plans in store for Burnley. I can’t wait to see what happens here. We are going to have tea at the Moore’s tonight and then it’s onto someone we taught last week. Frank and Lillian.
Frank and Lillian were found while contacting a referral. We had such a good lesson with them! Elder Peterson and I were teaching in such great unity. The spirit was so strong, we were asking inspired questions, we watched the restoration… it was beautiful. When it came time to invite them to read the Book of Mormon… Frank said no. My heart broke and I was stunned. He said he had a Bible and that’s all he needed… But Lillian said she would! That was good.. but I think she may forget. So we accidentally left a bag of food there so we have to go and pick it up.. awkward….
Life is good. I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ.
By it’s fruits ye shall know them.
I love you all
Elder Humpherys

Goodbye Elder Peterson.. :(

Hello Elder Roberts! :)

In front of the Church building

Visiting Sister Kyme! She is a recent convert and we love her! She is so funny!

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