Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 2013

Hello family and friends!
Okay, I haven’t done a proper update in quite awhile so I thought this time I would devote more time to writing this then responding to other emails. If your response from me is shorter I am sorry.
Things have been going well here in Burnley. E. Peterson is the district leader which has been fun because we get to see everything that is going on in the other areas of the district. I am learning so much just by watching him take on this leadership position. It’s been a fantastic experience.
Something that we do every Saturday night is we read with a man named Robin. He is the sweetest old man. He has some handicap issues. But he has the strongest testimony and a fervent love for God. He expounds the scriptures, he loves the missionaries, he loves his callings, he loves church. He is so kind. He loves music as well and he likes to direct us in singing some hymns when we go to his house. He loves it. haha. It is such a fun thing!
This week has been so busy (as always) we have been going everywhere! The British Pageant was AMAZING! I have never been to something more spectacular in my life. I think it was even better because we were able to take Karen and Lee to it. They really enjoyed it and I think they had quite a fun evening! I loved going with them. When we pulled up Karen said "Oh yes, this place is definitely sacred. This is paradise!" haha. It's at the preston temple. She loved being there and meeting other missionaries and church members.
 The pageant is amazing. It is so professional. The dancing, singing, and the acting is top notch. It is a fun filled evening full of love, happiness and very moving and poignant stories about families. I am learning so much from it. The Pageant is definitely divine. I wish everyone could see and experience it. It is softening so many hearts of so many people. It is rekindling the testimonies of those who have grown dim in the gospel. For me, I could feel angels watching over the performance. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong. I am going again tonight and this Wednesday as well with a few Less Active families.
I forgot to mention a small announcement in my last e-mail..
So we are having a full mission conference with..
Jeffry R. Holland
Russell M. Nelson
Patrick Kearon
Elder Evans (I forgot his first name)
 WOW! I am so excited. It is this Thursday. They are coming to the pageant. I am so blessed to be serving here at this time.
We are going to the Pageant this Wednesday with a man named Paul and his wife Crissy. They are such a sweet couple and they have a lovely daughter named Katie! She is so funny. We have visited them a couple times and we get a long great. I can’t wait for them to see the pageant.
 This week we teamed up with some Muslims and worked at something called “Iftar.” We helped them make bags of food for the homeless - a fabulous experience. We were interviewed and everything. They took our pictures and we were able to make some friends. It was so great.
 I love the members here in Burnley. I am learning a lot from them. Brother Burgan is our ward mission leader. We are working on something called “meet the Mormons.” It’s going to be two nights and we are getting the ward together and going to advertise it like crazy. We are hoping to get a great turnout and show people that we are normal people who live normal lives but we love God and follow Jesus Christ, and that makes all the difference. I can’t wait to see what happens. I am just anticipating some people will come just to bash.. but we’ll see. We will have food soooo, that should make it all worth it right?
 England is pretty interesting. The weather here is crazy. Styles are different. The culture is so different. But I love it. I love serving here. I love being an obedient missionary and meeting so many wonderful and good people. Hopefully we can meet someone soon who will want to accept the gospel.
 I love you all so much. The Church is true!
 Elder Humpherys
My District in Burnley! Love them all!

Elder P. and I at the Preston Pageant

This is the doors were sent to knock on. Classic.

working at the "iftar"


The crazy amount of rice they gave us. yum!

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