Monday, August 12, 2013

Bristish Pageant and Full Mission Conference

Dear Family, Friends, Countrymen, Mates, Blokes, Lads and Lasses of all ages,

I love this work! This week has been a great week full of so many testimony building experiences.

On Monday we went to the pageant with Brother Burgan and a girl from the ward named Lisa. We took her to the pageant and she loved it! It was only the dress rehearsal but it was still amazing. I have loved every opportunity I have been given to go to the pageant and be surrounded by such an incredible spirit. I can't even begin to explain how much I have loved working here at this time.

On Tuesday we had Zone meetings. They were so good. We talked about obedience and how agency and obedience has ALWAYS been part of God's plan. We are meant to be here on earth to prepare ourselves to meet God. I know that this is why I am here on earth. To prepare myself to meet God. I am blessed with the privileged. I am truly am glad of heart as I travel far and wide to proclaim God's love for his children.

Wednesday we took Paul and Crissy to the pageant.. rather.. They took us. They knew the man who produced the pageant. They were taken behind the stage and got to see all the behind the scenes stuff. As they did the producer asked me and E. Peterson to take a man and woman he invited to the temple to teach them what it was about and why we have them. We walked up to the temple with them and they were greeted by Sister Sun and were able to go into the very front doors of the temple and look up through a window in the ceiling which you can see the angel Moroni at the very top.

When they came out we were waiting for them and stood on the side. Somehow I ended up teaching the woman and E. Peterson taught the man. We started out the conversation and she had no belief in God at all. Throughout all the time we were talking I knew the spirit was teaching her. I was simply letting the spirit work through me. I honestly felt like I wasn't talking. It was almost an "out of body" experience. It was like I could hear myself saying the words but I wasn't meaning to say them. I don't know. I can't really explain it. All I know is ever since then I can hardly STOP myself from teaching. Once I get going I just can't stop myself from testify of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and the beauty of the gospel

Thursday was the full mission conference. If only I could express in words what I felt that day. I know that I was privileged to hear from 2 apostles of the Lord, Jesus Christ. I know that they are called of God. Jeffery R. Holland pleaded with us to cherish our missions. He said he has thought about his mission every day of his life for 50 years. They and their wives were so full of love. I wish I could explain it. It was such a special experience. As they left, we stood up, and the pianist started playing God Be with you Till We Meet Again. We all started to sing it.. we didn't even know the words. WE would hum until the chorus and when the chorus happened we just start singing. It was a beautiful experience.

Well I am out of time. Sorry about that. Wish I could share more.

I love you all!


Elder Humpherys  
 Me and Bro. Burgan and the pageant. Sorry I don't know why I am standing so awkwardly.

What the pageant was inside. They built that in a week. Boom baby.

 My bed on my Birthday

E. Peterson decorated for my birthday. SURPRISE!

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