Monday, July 22, 2013

I am staying in Burnley

I never have anytime for these weekly updates. I am doing well though.
Elder Peterson's birthday was this week and we were able to celebrate at the Moore's house! The Moore's are such a wonderful family. I love them so much. They are so kind. 
Friends. Send me pictures. I would love them!! 

Service!  Look how much we pulled!
 Here is an experience I want to share with you: 

Burnley is such an interesting place. There are so many interesting people here. I have honestly met so many crazy people... they are insane. But I love them nonetheless.There are so many Muslims that live here. We have had the opportunity to teach a few but it is really hard. They don't believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.. and the ones we've taught are really engrained into their religion. Each Muslim I have taught can talk for 30 minutes on one aspect of their religion. It makes it hard as a missionary because we need to be polite and not interrupt so we just have to find a point in the conversation where we can pipe in parts of the lesson. I admire the Muslim faith though. It is incredibly close to what we believe. In Bolton (I'm not sure where that is..) there are some amazing things going on. One Muslim family was converted to our faith. After that, miracles happened. They referred all of their friends and family after family began to be converted. Elder Miranda, who just went home, told us a story of a woman he taught. He explained to her that if she converts to our faith then if she has to go back to her country she may be brutally beaten and even put to death. She looked him in the eyes and said "I'd rather die following Jesus Christ than live while knowing the truth about him." The work in England is moving forward.

Unfortunately in our area we are not seeing too much success. Elder Peterson (my trainer) and I whitewashed into the area and it's taken awhile to build a good foundation here. But we are expecting miracles in this next transfer. 

My companion was just made district leader which means a lot of responsibility will be placed on me in regards to my area. I will be the one planning and staying in Burnley while he goes on a million exchanges.
Elder P's birthday with the Moore's

 JULY 15, 2013
No weekly update this week. Sorry. :( I will be better next week. 

I'll tell you a few things. I have 4 minutes left.

1. Karen has chicken pox still. Looking good though. We think we'll be able to see her this week.
2. Lee (husband) wants to stop smoking! 
3. I am getting a haircut today! :) 
4. I have been in the field for 5 weeks. woah. 
5. I love letters.. *hint to everyone to send me letters... hahah* 
6. I love you all

Love Elder Humpherys 


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