Monday, March 16, 2015

The mission is like having a giant family! February 16, 2015

​ Well - this is the gang. Elder Greenhalgh, Waetchler, Cacciatore, Humpherys, Robinson, and Werner. Wow. We have sooo much fun together! (Notice my glasses.. woo.) The mission is like having a giant family. It's so fun to get to know the other missionaries. The Zone has had such an incredible week this week. We had many many miracles and everyones faith is just boosting. We are working harder than ever.

We had a great experience this week! We have been meeting with this man for a while know.. We've seen about 4 times since October. He is just so busy but he's pretty interested. He is a DJ and just totally wants to change his life around and give his daughter a good life. Well at our next lesson SUPRISE he brought his girlfriend and she is sooo prepared! They had great questions and really loved the chapel. So we'll hope to see more progress with them.

​ This picture. With my creep eye. ;) Woo! 

​This is the great and spacious building that we went to. Wow. It was sooo beautiful. Love me some culture.

​ We did a "blitz" on Crosby the other day. Invited some missionaries down and just powerhoused found for 3 hours! It was a blast!!! We saw many miracles and just had a smashing time! 

​ We are the EMM!!  The best mission ever.. I just love this place and I love being a missionary. We had a great week this week. I wish this transfer was longer! 

We had a mission activity this week and my companions had to bear the departing testimony :( It's so sad! Life is moving too quickly.. Not sure how I feel about that at the moment. I love every second of my mission!! I don't have to many seconds left!

Elder Humpherys

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