Monday, March 16, 2015

All I Feel is Love March 2, 2015

Dear Everyone,

My mission is changing my whole life. I am soo grateful for everything that God has given to me. I feel that God knows every single detail of my life and so sweetly and lovingly helps me feel His love for me through small and simple things. I just wish I could explain in detail the kind of experiences that I have had on my mission that have given me the utmost assurance that there is so much more to this life than we can see with our natural eye. 

Elder Robinson and I are having a ton of fun together! It's like we've been friends forever.. I seriously love serving with him!!! We have had some major miracles.. just the other day we met a man named Omar and decided to go and see him on Saturday morning.. unfortunately we couldn't ring his flat because it was like a refuge house but they passed on a pamphlet for us.. BUT we decided to street contact in the area and we met this woman who was from the same country as him!! She is amazing. She is from Eritrea and she worked very hard to be able to graduate from a university in New York with a PhD in Chemistry! Wow. She's amazing. She has really strong faith in Christ and after speaking with her about the church we asked her if there was anyone we could pray for and then she just broke down crying and told us about her nephew who has been sent to prison and how hard the conditions were going to be be for him. We assured her that we'd pray for him and her and that God would take care of her family! It was so wonderful.. She expressed her gratitude in meeting with us and it was just wonderful. 


haha Elder Cain and Elder O'Gram. Currently serving in St. Helens! Wow. They are soo good. We are having fun with them :) 

​ So, my friends, this is Tom. Wow. He is amazing. If I was born in England this would be my life! He is majoring in music, he sings amazingly, he's in a band, he plays in the orchestra. Wow. We were even born on the same day! It's crazy.. but we went to the fireside last night and had a good time. He's great! 

Well.. dont' have too much more to write about.. This week is going to fly by.. we have so many meetings.. temple day, district meeting, mission leadership council.. it's just gonna WHOOOSH. Be gone sooo fast. 

Love you all,
Elder Humpherys

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