Monday, March 16, 2015

Richly Blessed February 9, 2015

Wow. This week has been amazing. We had 9 wonderful people come to church on Sunday! So amazing. That's the most I've ever had on my mission. Our area is just exploding all over the place. I really hope we can keep up with it to be honest! It's going great!

Well here is some pictures.. 
haha. So we had this great tea appointment at a members house and the food was SO delicious!! 
Then we had an appointment at a friends house and SURPRISE.. He fed us SOO much. It was a big African meal.. haha. We were so full we had to make ourselves throw up.. it was the only way to sure relief! But.. we are okay now. :) but.. it made this happen to my eye!!! 

​I popped a blood vessel! haha. I look sooo crazy. It spread a bit more today but it's great! haha. I just love it :) 
Wow. These two. Some of my most favorite companions. I love them both so much. Elder Sintim has the heart of lion! He is just a spiritual giant and Elder Greenhalgh is just all around amazing! I have learned so much from him and I am very grateful President paired us together. I have learned some important things from him! We have too much fun. 

​Me and Elder Werner. Amazing German missionary. Love him to death. 

Well. I am just happy. I am so happy.. love life. love the miracles. love the gospel!! I feel so happy to serve in the BEST MISSION EVER. 

This is how I brainstorm!! 


Elder Humpherys

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