Monday, July 7, 2014

When one seeks gold!!!

Sooo. This week. Talk about AMAZING. There were so many blessings from Heavenly Father. I can't believe it's all ready Monday.. and that it is July.. and that I have been out for over a year now.. WHERE DOES THE TIME FLY? 
Oh goodness. So this week. What to say.. what to say? 

We tried by a less active.. Unfortunately we couldn't meet with her because there was no man in the house. But, we set up a time to meet with her with a member who doesn't live too far away from her. We were then walking to our next appointment when I saw a man sitting down. I heard a voice in my head say "Elder Humpherys, I put him there. Speak to him." I knew this was a prompting from Heavenly Father. I went up to the man and said hello and he recognized us as missionaries. He met missionaries 1 year ago and they prayed with him and gave him a Book of Mormon but then they never returned. Anyways, we went into his home (he was DEFINITELY a hoarder..) and he showed us the place where he keeps his Book of Mormon. He said he reads it every time he feels discouraged. It was a miracle! Out of all the things he had in that house he kept the Book of Mormon on his chair and reads it! 

I love Anglesey. I love my companion. I love the gospel. My whole house is great!!! I can do anything good.. ya ya ya.. :) 

Anyways.. So, I love this country, I love these people and I LOVE being a missionary. Ever wonder what the secret to happy life is? It is found in the living the gospel of Jesus Christ and then SHARING that gospel with others :) Sharing is caring. 

I love you all so much.
Elder Humpherys 

I love this!!

Elder Yates and I. He is AMAZING

Me and some more of misison friends.. 
"oh I hope.. I hope this never ends.. cuz we're the best of friends"

I meant to take a better picture but then my camera died... so this all you get. haha.
Driving on the wrong side of the road!!  Hahaha!

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