Monday, January 13, 2014


Okay, So sorry I didn't e-mail last week. I was quite overwhelmed and stuff. So I have been put in a new area. I am whitewashing into Middleton with a new missionary.  It is AMAZING! I love it here. The ward members are so sweet to us. I have an incredible district leader, and Ward mission leader, and the flat!!! WOW! Our flat is amazing:
Flat 22 Laurel Court, Caldbeck Drive
M24 5RS  
I would love some letters Please!!!  :)
It is HUGE and it is a 2 man flat!!!
It is absolutely great. Hopefully we can see miracles.
URGENT: President has asked me to get my driver's license.
I have to pay for my provisional license.. But guess what? If you have an English license your car insurance goes down (if you are American...) YAY!
PRAY that I will be able to get my license without too much testing. I am a pretty good driver and feel confident that God will help me get it quickly.
I love you loads! and I love my mission! Wouldn't be anywhere else in the world! 
 Christmas eve at the Haye's family. They are so fun! We went Christmas caroling, had hot chocolate and the MOST delicious homemade pizza ever! We also got to watch the Polar Express. I wish that train was real.

Me in front of our pathetic Christmas Tree

Anyone want to bake some chips on their way home?

My apartment! SPEYSIDE CLOSE

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