Sunday, June 30, 2013

Motorcycles and Sidecars

This week was crazy! I loved it so much though, as usual!
 Karen is doing great! Lee had a mix up though and was put in the hospital! We are really hoping he gets better. We pray for both of them lots! They are so nice and have great spirits. Hopefully we can help them with their lives.
 Elder Peterson is such a rock star! I am so glad that I have a good trainer. He's helped me get the hang of missionary work. It's great. We had dinner with Lee the other night and it was crazy but super fun! We had hot dog and pineapple pizza (interesting..) and it was a very memorable night to say the least. We went to one area of town to do AUF's again and it was so fun but it was like being in a different world again. There were so many Muslims!  Pres. Preston came with us to teach Karen. He is an amazing man! I hope to keep learning from him!  I don't have much time this week to write my weekly letter. I got called to be the primary pianist!! YAY!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! I can't wait!  I love the mission. I love life. Keep going strong and keep the commandments!  Love, Elder Humpherys

 Hopefully these descriptions match the pictures:
 1. This is one of our modes of transportation! Motorcycle and sidecar!
 Woo! It's so fun. I am getting a motorcycle when I grow up.

 2. This is how I felt about first riding in the sidecar. It's super
 dodgy looking at when we turned corners or past cars I saw my life
 flash before my eyes. hahah

 3. & 4. Some sweet pictures of me on the motorcycle

 5. LOOK MOM!! I can build a pea growing thing. :) I was so proud of my
 little creation! We did service at the Moore's house and it has been
 the most enjoyable time of my mission so far. It was a beautiful sunny
 night and I loved it!

 6. All right everyone. This is amazing. I am holding a woman's sword.
 That's not the amazing part.. This sword was a Scottish sword owned
 by... THE MACDONALDS OF SCOTLAND. We found a man who shares the same
relatives as me!! He has their kilt, family crest, and stories! Tell
 Ellen Campbell I am sorry for this story... but the MacDonalds
apparently invited the Campbells over to dinner one night (I think to
 show peace to end the blood feud) and when they were sleeping the
MacDonald's slit all the Campbell's throats..... ehh.. but don't worry
Ellen, I will never do that :)

 I love you all!!
Elder Humpherys

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