Monday, June 17, 2013

Burnley, Burnley, Burnley!

Wow. This week has been so hard.
There are so many things I wish I could say but I have no idea how to say them.
England is a very tough place. I am learning how to be bold in every aspect of life. People aren't going to listen to a timid missionary. Bold, but gentle.

Burnley is quite an interesting place. When I first got here the old part of town seemed so drab and dark and there were a lot of Muslims. But as my trainer and I have been around the town we have discovered that all kinds of people live here. We had a really neat miracle happen. We were looking for AUF's... an AUF is a person who used to be a member than they moved somewhere and now we have an idea where that address is sooooo we go and check. If the address is wrong we knock ten doors on either side to 1: teach a lesson and 2: see where the person really lives. When we were knocking ten doors on both sides we happened upon a miracle! A man opened the door and said "Long time no see!" Me and my trainer looked at each other and were both really confused and he said that he used to be a member of the church but he got in a motorcycle accident when he was 18 and now he has no idea what goes on. He was having a hard time even speaking to us. He looked about 40ish. He said he would go to University (college) and then forget everything. He knows he was a member but he can't remember anything long enough to remember why.. so what do you? His name is Kevin. We are going to try and visit him frequently. He was so friendly.

 Right before that though we ran into a Jehovah's Witness. They are so vicious and hostile towards missionaries! We've ran into two now and they attack like crazy. They try to tear down the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and missionaries. I wish Jeffry R. Holland was with us. I'd love to see what he'd say to these people.

 Karen (our investigator) is doing incredibly! She has set a baptismdate for the end of the month and we are trying our hardest to help her reach that date. Before an investigator is baptized they need to attend church twice. So we told Karen that and she was more than happy to come. Lee (her husband) on the other hand was very apprehensive. We invited him as well but he said he couldn't because he needed to go to another church for 6 weeks for a wedding blessing for his family. We were a bit sad but still happy Karen was coming. When we went to gopick Karen up we had a miracle! Karen AND Lee were both dressed up and ready for church! It made me so happy!! They both looked so nice and Ithink they really enjoyed their time. It was quite a nice environment.. and as much Lee says he doesn't want to learn he knows all the answers to the questions, he listens to the discussions, and he reads the pamphlets. I think deep down inside he knows there is something more to this church. I hope he finds it!

 Also here is a birthday picture for Dad, Rose, and Dustin! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
I love you all. Thanks for all of the prayers. They are definitely needed. Hope you are all doing well.
 Love, Elder Humpherys

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