Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dear family and friends,

 Missions are incredible! I just left the MTC and got assigned to my
 first area. Me and my trainer are whitewashing in city called
 Burnsley. Whitewashing means that they replaced both missionaries that
 were in the area with new missionaries. It's so crazy. My trainer has
 no idea where we are and I have no idea where we are but I love it!
 Every day is an adventure.

My trainers name is Elder Peterson. He is an all-star! I am so
 grateful that I have been given a good trainer. He is such a good
 missionary and we both have the same goal in mind.

 Burnsley is a nice place. It's got a lot of Muslims. It's like the
 only people I first saw were Muslims. It was crazy. I just thought I
 landed in Saudi Arabia or something! But they are all nice people. I
 have only been able to tract for about an hour... haha but I love it!
 It's a bit scary sometimes. I don't know what to say. But the spirit
 always puts something in my mind. Today I was told that I have a
 really cute smile and that my voice sounds like Leonardo DiCaprio's
 hahahah. How flattering. We met a woman named Runley and another woman
named Nickola. They are both great I hope they give us a call. All
though I don't think they will.

 I hope that me and my companion will have success. We were called to
whitewash this area for reason.. I don't know why. But I will soon.
 I love you all.
Elder Humpherys

My district and one of my teachers, Brother Carr!
  Elder Mullen, me, Razanadahy.
 Elder Mullen and I are pretty good friends now. 
He is going to Leeds. He's from Idaho actually.
Razanadahy is in my mission. He is from Madagascar! He's fantastic!
Cool pic of my name tag ha ha ha!
  Pictures: My district. They are wonderful. Moroni district!
Elder Peterson and I. He is my trainer!

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