Monday, April 13, 2015

Servants of the Lord!! April 13, 2015


So.... I was in the mission home the other day for mission leadership and.. well.. yup.. ripped my trousers! 

haha. This is me in Presidents scrubs! haha while the lovely sister ulrich fixed my trousers :) 
haha. This is mission life. woo. Sorry folks!! I just have no desire to e-mail today... I am just trying to soak in everything and so it's hard for me to write about EVERYTHING.. but don't worry mum - I am writing in my journal and taking lots of pictures!! 

Eldddeeeerrr Humpherys
Elder Robinsons Birthday party with our amazing friend ERIN! :D 

my new companion!!! Elder Ilori! THIS KID IS FLIPPEN AMAZING. I am blessed to serve with himm. haha he is hilarious!! Wow. I love him .

Me, My Son, My Grandson, and My GREAT GRANDSON! DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!! 
Sweden, Frenchman, and Italian. I have thick european blood. OH YA! :D 

MY DAD! :D There.. now it's like all the generations :) 

No time to write..He helped some people move today

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